2018 World Cup Packages

Russia: June 14 – July 15, 2018

Russia will Welcome the Soccer Elite in 2018

There are few events in the world that can match the sheer magnitude of the World Cup. Beginning on June 14, 2018, Russia and its 12 host venues will kick off the biggest and most anticipated tournament in the soccer world. Not only will they play host to 32 teams from the world’s elite soccer nations, but they will also welcome fans from across the globe who will come to experience with them every thrilling win.

Let us Custom Create the Perfect Sports Travel Experience for you!

Roadtrips is recognized as the world leader in international sports travel experiences. Backed by over 22 years of experience, we will take care of all the details of your world cup travel package so you can relax, enjoy and immerse yourself in one of the biggest sporting event experiences in the world.

Custom Travel Package Highlights

Experience Russia during the Peak of the World Cup Excitement

From the fascinating city of Moscow to the historic imperial city of Saint Petersburg, Russia is a dynamic country filled with contrasting cities and landscapes that make it an incredible destination and exciting backdrop for this World Cup. Dense forests and misty lakes, icy tundra and sandy beaches, ancient fortresses and modern galleries, great domed churches and underground nightclubs, it is this immense and extraordinary diversity that draws millions of visitors to its borders every year.

Explore all that the Earth’s Largest Country has to Offer

After playing host to the impressive Winter Games in 2014, you can be sure that Russia and each of its 11 host cities will be ready to wow the world with the best World Cup yet. Along with the matches and incredible World Cup atmosphere, let Roadtrips introduce you to this majestic country with private guided tours and experiences that will show you the best of Russia.

A Premium Experience for the Limited Few

For all the wonder and spectacle that is sure to be a part of the World Cup in 2018, there will, unfortunately be space for only a limited few to experience it in person. Top quality accommodations will be scarce and Roadtrips has ensured that its customers will have access to the finest available. Since thousands of people will be converging on cities throughout Russia, the earlier you make plans for your ultimate World Cup experience, the better.

We Take Care of all the Details

Rest assured knowing that Roadtrips will have a highly qualified team of experienced World Cup hosts on-site, available 24 hours a day to assist you with anything that you need. Our Host Team has plenty of World Cup experience and is comprised of a team of top travel hosts from our office as well as bilingual local hosts that understand travel the way you want it. As well, Roadtrips offers a variety of professionally-hosted 2018 world cup packages to the most exciting and distinguished must-see attractions. Create your own 2018 itinerary using our pre-arranged options, which can be combined in any configuration and order to supplement your experience.

World Cup Tickets Disclaimer

Roadtrips is in no way associated with FIFA, the Organizing Committee for the FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018, MATCH Services or MATCH Hospitality. FIFA’s official ticket site is www.fifa.com/tickets.

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My personal experience with Brian and Kate has been nothing but excellent. They were patient with all of the questions from both myself and the client and always had a positive attitude. My clients came back and had actually met with Kate on site. They were both impressed by her and also by Roadtrips in general. I know he is raving about all of you to his friends. He is already talking 2018 World Cup!
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