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2026 World Cup Schedule – USA, Canada and Mexico

The 2026 World Cup schedule is a soccer lover’s dream, with a total of 104 matches over the course of the tournament. Whatever your ideal World Cup experience looks like, we’d love to help design the perfect itinerary for you. We’ve detailed the 2026 World Cup schedule below to assist you with your planning for this thrilling tournament. Here are some key details about the 2026 World Cup schedule:

  • The 2026 World Cup tournament will take place between June 11 and July 19, 2026.
  • The 2026 World Cup will be the first to take place with 48 teams, expanded from 32 in 2022.
  • For the group stage, teams will be divided into twelve groups of four teams.
  • The top two teams from each group plus the eight best third place teams will proceed to the (new) Round of 32.
  • All matches after the group stage will be knockout format.
  • A total of 104 matches will be played, up from 64 at the 2022 edition.
  • The games will take place in 16 venues throughout Canada, Mexico, and the USA.
  • The 2026 World Cup Final will take place on July 19, 2026
  • National teams around the world will play qualifying matches until March 2026.
  • Only three teams are qualified for the tournament so far. Canada, Mexico, and the USA have automatic qualification as the host countries.

The 2026 World Cup draw will likely take place in late 2025. The draw will determine the twelve groups of four teams, as well as where and when they will play in the group stage.

Keep checking back as we’ll continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

11-Jun-261Estadio AztecaMexico CityMexico v. TBD
11-Jun-262Estadio AkronGuadalajara
12-Jun-263BMO FieldTorontoCanada v. TBD
12-Jun-264SoFi StadiumLos AngelesUSA v TBD
13-Jun-265Gillette StadiumBoston
13-Jun-266BC PlaceVancouver
13-Jun-267MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
13-Jun-268Levi's StadiumSan Francisco Bay Area
14-Jun-269Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia
14-Jun-2610NRG StadiumHouston
14-Jun-2611AT&T StadiumDallas
14-Jun-2612Estadio BBVAMonterrey
15-Jun-2613Hard Rock StadiumMiami
15-Jun-2614Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
15-Jun-2615SoFi StadiumLos Angeles
15-Jun-2616Lumen FieldSeattle
16-Jun-2617MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
16-Jun-2618Gillette StadiumBoston
16-Jun-2619Arrowhead StadiumKansas City
16-Jun-2620Levi's StadiumSan Francisco Bay Area
17-Jun-2621BMO FieldToronto
17-Jun-2622AT&T StadiumDallas
17-Jun-2623NRG StadiumHouston
17-Jun-2624Estadio AztecaMexico City
18-Jun-2625Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
18-Jun-2626SoFi StadiumLos Angeles
18-Jun-2627BC PlaceVancouverCanada v. TBD
18-Jun-2628Estadio AkronGuadalajaraMexico v. TBD
19-Jun-2629Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia
19-Jun-2630Gillette StadiumBoston
19-Jun-2631Levi's StadiumSan Francisco Bay Area
19-Jun-2632Lumen FieldSeattleUSA v TBD
20-Jun-2633BMO FieldToronto
20-Jun-2634Arrowhead StadiumKansas City
20-Jun-2635NRG StadiumHouston
20-Jun-2636Estadio BBVAMonterrey
21-Jun-2637Hard Rock StadiumMiami
21-Jun-2638Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
21-Jun-2639SoFi StadiumLos Angeles
21-Jun-2640BC PlaceVancouver
22-Jun-2641MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
22-Jun-2642Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia
22-Jun-2643AT&T StadiumDallas
22-Jun-2644Levi's StadiumSan Francisco Bay Area
23-Jun-2645Gillette StadiumBoston
23-Jun-2646BMO FieldToronto
23-Jun-2647NRG StadiumHouston
23-Jun-2648Estadio AkronGuadalajara
24-Jun-2649Hard Rock StadiumMiami
24-Jun-2650Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
24-Jun-2651BC PlaceVancouverCanada v. TBD
24-Jun-2652Lumen FieldSeattle
24-Jun-2653Estadio AztecaMexico CityMexico v. TBD
24-Jun-2654Estadio BBVAMonterrey
25-Jun-2655Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia
25-Jun-2656MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
25-Jun-2657AT&T StadiumDallas
25-Jun-2658Arrowhead StadiumKansas City
25-Jun-2659SoFi StadiumLos AngelesUSA v TBD
25-Jun-2660Levi's StadiumSan Francisco Bay Area
26-Jun-2661Gillette StadiumBoston
26-Jun-2662BMO FieldToronto
26-Jun-2663Lumen FieldSeattle
26-Jun-2664BC PlaceVancouver
26-Jun-2665NRG StadiumHouston
26-Jun-2666Estadio AkronGuadalajara
27-Jun-2667MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
27-Jun-2668Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia
27-Jun-2669Arrowhead StadiumKansas City
27-Jun-2670AT&T StadiumDallas
27-Jun-2671Hard Rock StadiumMiami
27-Jun-2672Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
Round of 32
28-Jun-2673SoFi StadiumLos Angeles
29-Jun-2674Gillette StadiumBoston
29-Jun-2675Estadio BBVAMonterrey
29-Jun-2676NRG StadiumHouston
30-Jun-2677MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
30-Jun-2678AT&T StadiumDallas
30-Jun-2679Estadio AztecaMexico City
1-Jul-2680Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
1-Jul-2681Levi's StadiumSan Francisco Bay Area
1-Jul-2682Lumen FieldSeattle
2-Jul-2683BMO FieldToronto
2-Jul-2684SoFi StadiumLos Angeles
2-Jul-2685BC PlaceVancouver
3-Jul-2686Hard Rock StadiumMiami
3-Jul-2687Arrowhead StadiumKansas City
3-Jul-2688AT&T StadiumDallas
Round of 16
4-Jul-2689Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia
4-Jul-2690NRG StadiumHouston
5-Jul-2691MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
5-Jul-2692Estadio AztecaMexico City
6-Jul-2693AT&T StadiumDallas
6-Jul-2694Lumen FieldSeattle
7-Jul-2695Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
7-Jul-2696BC PlaceVancouver
9-Jul-2697Gillette StadiumBoston
10-Jul-2698SoFi StadiumLos Angeles
11-Jul-2699Hard Rock StadiumMiami
11-Jul-26100Arrowhead StadiumKansas City
14-Jul-26101AT&T StadiumDallas
15-Jul-26102Mercedes-Benz StadiumAtlanta
Third Place
18-Jul-26103Hard Rock StadiumMiami
19-Jul-26104MetLife StadiumNew York/New Jersey
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