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Why do you need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to protect your travel investment. We have partnered with Chubb Travel Protection to offer you three levels of coverage, to best fit you and your needs. You can download the complete coverage overview click here.

Travel insurance is designed to protect travelers from the unexpected risks associated with traveling. There are several reasons to consider travel insurance and the associated peace of mind:

  1. Life is unpredictable. Some trips need to be canceled.
    With travel insurance, travelers are protected if they are unable to take the trip due to a covered reason.
  2. Lost luggage can take days to be delivered to its owner.
    Travel insurance provides coverage to replace needed items.
  3. Travelers may require medical assistance during their trip.
    Travel insurance can provide peace of mind, not just for medical costs, but also for 24/7 emergency assistance.
  4. Health insurance may not go the distance.
    Many health insurance policies (including Medicare, worker’s compensation insurance, third-party and personal liability policies) don’t cover international travel.
  5. In the event of inclement weather or airline strike, airlines may not offer compensation.
    Travel Insurance plans can cover the cost and help travelers get home quickly and safely.
  6. Credit card coverage, homeowners insurance, and auto insurance may not provide sufficient coverage for travel.
    Even combined, they may not offset the cost of a medical emergency while traveling.
  7. The unlikely event of supplier default.
    Travel Insurance provides coverage in the event a travel provider ceases operations.
  8. We all experience tough economic times.
    The unexpected loss of income might mean a planned trip will have to wait. Travel insurance can help travelers recover the cost of the trip when they need it most.


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Travel Insurance Coverage Overview

If you are interested in adding Travel Insurance to your package, please download the coverage overview to see what amount of coverage would suit your trip best.

Download the Coverage Overview

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