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Experience the Thrill of the Indianapolis 500 Race

Drawing from our years-long experience of arranging exclusive, high-end sports travel packages all over the world, Roadtrips, Inc. is proud to offer customers the very best event package to the Indianapolis 500 race. Your individual experience is custom tailored to your specific personal requirements, allowing you to take advantage of as many options as you desire. Legends Day On Saturday, the day immediately before the big race, you can chose to attend the Legends Day experience. For Roadtrips guests, the event begins with a meet-and-greet… Continue reading

The History of the Kentucky Derby Race

The Kentucky Derby is the premier thoroughbred racing event on the American calendar. As a travel destination, the Kentucky Derby race is a great bet. Held on the first Saturday every May, the race has never been canceled, even during times of economic depression, war, or inclement weather. When you attend the Kentucky Derby you will enjoy so much more than the first race in the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. The Derby is a fantastic weekend-long social event steeped in traditions that sports fans must experience at least once in… Continue reading

Kick Off the Sprint Cup Race Schedule at the Daytona 500!

If you're a serious racing aficionado, there are two names that you undoubtedly fantasize about on a regular basis: The Sprint Cup Series and the Daytona 500. The Sprint Cup is one of the most important events not just in the world of racing, but in the world of sports in general. Though a large number of different events line the Sprint Cup's schedule every year, the most popular and widely regarded is undoubtedly the Daytona 500.… Learn… Continue reading

The Ultimate Sports Weekend: The Super Bowl in Arizona & The Phoenix Open

Baseball may be America's official past time, but football is certainly not an unpopular sport with the American population.  In fact, depending on who you ask and which numbers they're looking at, many people would argue that NFL has officially taken over as America's unofficial favorite past time. While most of the country will be shivering and trying to dig out of the frigid temperatures that accompany that month that we call February, you could be sitting in a set of premier seats checking out the Super Bowl in Arizona while you enjoy… Continue reading

What to See in Shanghai During the Chinese Grand Prix

The Formula One Grand Prix is an event that is held in a number of major cities around the world. The 2015 Chinese Grand Prix features new track designs that are a thrill in themselves even before the cars start zooming by. The Shanghai International Circuit is a futuristic venue that reflects the dynamism and excitement of the city. This does not mean that Shanghai is all concrete however. It has held on to its traditional charm and boasts a number of historic landmarks, parks and gardens. A trip through the city during Formula One season… Continue reading

Looking Ahead to the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea

The Winter Games is a global event that pits the best winter athletes against each other every four years in a variety of events like snowboarding, skiing, and figure skating. In 2011, PyeongChang South Korea was selected as the host city for the 2018 Games. This marks only the second time that the Games have ever been held in the country of Korea. The Lead-Up to PyeongChang’s Selection PyeongChang has been involved in the bid process for the past two Winter Games. In 2014, the city lost out to Sochi, Russia and in 2010 it lost to… Continue reading

7 Things to Do in São Paulo Brazil During the Brazilian Grand Prix

If you're planning on heading to South America to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix, you'll probably want to make sure that you check out some of the most exciting things to do in Sao Paulo Brazil while you're there.  Of course, the ultimate attraction is on the race track, but while you're in Brazil, you might as well check out some of these amazing sights that will complete your trip.  Here are a few of our favorites: Mercado Municipal.  If you want to find a place where some of the most traditional and fresh food comes together under… Continue reading

Feel Like a Star at the Cannes International Film Festival

Cannes, France is the home of the annual Cannes International Film Festival, which showcases new films from around the world. Professional filmmakers consider it to be the most important festival in their industry, and attendance is strictly by invitation. In 2015 the event will be held from May 13 – 24, at the usual venue, the Palais des Festivals et des Congres. If you’re looking to join the stars in Cannes this year, the following will give you an idea of the various events that you can enjoy when you visit the Cannes International… Continue reading


Get the Ultimate Driving Experience With Roadtrips

ferrari Imagine driving a Ferrari or Porsche and heading out along the winding roads of the black forest in Germany. Or better still, picture yourself sitting in a medieval home in Florence and watching the stunning sunset from the balcony, while your Ferrari stands elegantly in the drive. With Roadtrips, you can enjoy an ultimate driving experience like never before. Luxury and Elegance Personified Once you get behind the wheel of a Porsche or Ferrari, you will never forget the experience. At Roadtrips, you can choose a wide variety of Ferraris… Continue reading

Why is it Called the “Sugar Bowl”? And More Sugar Bowl History

Early January means one thing and one thing only to diehard college football fans: bowl games! The Sugar Bowl's long and distinguished history, filled with powerful players and outstanding match ups, keeps fans on their toes every year since its inception in 1935. Sugar Bowl history, like all college football bowls, is rich. The bowls began as a way to highlight the beautiful winter weather of California and the Southern states. With the first Rose Bowl in 1890, the Sugar Bowl followed suit in the early 1930s. The Sugar Bowl was named… Continue reading

Seats for the race were excellent, in the shade with a very good view of the race. Parade was fun, I liked our seats in shady area close to the road with a good view. The police escort to the race was terrific. Hotel location was ideal, right downtown with lots to see and places to eat. We were extremely happy with the services we received. Roadtrips had more personalized service than the other companies we considered - they are definitely more than just a web site.
— Mel Peterson, Indianapolis 500