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Attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia for an Unforgettable Experience

When it comes to international sports events, nothing captures the world’s imagination like the FIFA World Cup. When the global soccer showdown takes place in Russia in 2018, it’ll be the first time the world’s largest country has hosted this mind-blowing event. And Roadtrips, the world’s leading sports travel company, is here to ensure you have a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Imagine being there live when questions that every soccer fan ponders are answered. Is star American goalkeeper Tim Howard prepared to lead the United… Continue reading

Six Amazing Canadian Cities Host This Year’s Women’s World Cup

Planning out our Women’s World Cup packages has been especially exciting for us as we love having the opportunity to show-off our home country. Matches are taking place in six beautiful and markedly different Canadian cities – Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and Moncton – and we wanted to use this week’s blog to give you a quick intro to all of them. Vancouver truly is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Situated on the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by mountains, locals like to boast that this is one of the… Continue reading

Discovering Incredible Rio during the Summer Games

Rio is a breathtakingly gorgeous city that besides being perfectly set-up to host the 2016 Summer Games (thanks in part to it’s World Cup success) is an absolutely incredible destination to visit. Andrea Costa Lima was one of our hosts for the World Cup in Rio, and is very passionate about the city. We asked her to share some of her favourite activities from Roadtrips visit there last year, and here’s what she had to say: Taking a helicopter ride over the city is a fantastic way to see it.   You’ll get to see Sugarloaf Mountain,… Continue reading

Why Sports Events Create Amazing Travel Experiences

When travelling to attend a sports event, it offers a completely different experience to the one you’d get if you were just going on a vacation to that same place, says Duane Penner, Roadtrips’ Head of Sales. “A lot of these events are held in once in a lifetime destinations, and as they vary greatly from year to year, it’s always a completely different experience even if you go to every World Cup or every Summer Games.” Take for example the past three Soccer World Cups, held in South Africa in 2010, Brazil in 2014, and to be held… Continue reading

Why the Monaco Grand Prix is one of Roadtrips’ Favourite Events

There are few sporting events as glamorous or fabulous as the Monaco Grand Prix. “It is a sporting event that transcends sports. It’s super cool and super impressive,” says Duane Penner, Roadtrips’ Head of Sales. “Whether you like formula one racing or not, once in your life you should go to the Grand Prix in Monaco.” The road circuit race going through the historic streets of iconic Monte Carlo is superb, and the fact that you can have so many different experiences when it comes to viewing the race makes Monaco a unique and… Continue reading

Popular Events You Can’t Miss at the Brazil 2016 Summer Games

Let the games begin! Rio de Janeiro, home to magnificent mountains, shimmering white sandy beaches and a multitude of luscious rain forests, has been chosen to host the 2016 Summer Games. With its reputation for impressively hosting some of the world’s most outstanding events, an atmosphere that is passionate about sports, and some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the world, there is no better place for a sports fanatic to be than Brazil in 2016. Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience as you tour some of the world's most famous… Continue reading

Why You Should Book Your Next Trip Through a Sports Travel Agency

If you are looking to book your next exciting trip to see your favorite sports team in action, consider using a sports travel agency. Not only is this the convenient way of planning a trip, but you can also enjoy other great benefits like exclusive add-ons and access to some of the best sporting events in the country. Industry Expertise A sports travel agency will have experience in planning a wide variety of travel packages and a reputation for success. It's a great way to ensure that you work with a team that will take care of every… Continue reading

Experience the Best of Barcelona at the Spanish Grand Prix

If you’ve never been to Barcelona, you’re missing out on incredible architectural wonders, historical sites, pristine beaches, delicious food, and exciting sporting events such as the Spanish Grand Prix. If you’re a racing fan, you don’t want to miss the excitement that builds in Spain around the prestigious event. It’s held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya annually, and the track is perhaps the most diverse in the Formula One circuit, with every type of corner. More than just the Spanish Grand Prix awaits you. Barcelona… Continue reading

Join Us for the Euro Cup Soccer Finals in France

Soccer, more commonly known around the world as football, of course, is one of the most popular sports across the globe.  Some might argue that it is the single most popular sport.  When Euro Cup Soccer hits the stage in France in June 2016, it's going to be a huge event - something you're not going to want to miss! France will host the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Finals for an entire month in the summer of 2016.  You'll have the opportunity to get in on the action all the way through July 10th, 2016.  This will… Continue reading

The Top 5 British Open Golf Courses

Most avid golfers share at least one lifetime goal: to play all the courses that have hosted the British Open.  Whether this goal is realistically achievable or not, with a sporting landscape that stretches across England, Scotland, and Ireland, at some point you have to ask yourself this follow-up question; “How much do I really know about British Open Golf Courses?” Notable British Open Golf Courses The sport of golf has enjoyed many a moment in the sun. The trouble is unless you’re well-versed in the sport; very few of you… Continue reading


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