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There is nothing like being present at a world-class sporting event, hearing the cheers and roars of the crowd as your favourite athletes compete to win. The passion and intensity of spectators combined with the live action right in front of you is enough to make you want to get up off of your couch and sit in the stands. Most sports fans have a list of dream events they’d like to see live – and we at Roadtrips do too! Below are the top 5 sports road trips that you must have on your bucket list:

1. Super Bowl:


America’s Super Bowl is the most popular name in sporting events, as hundreds of millions of viewers tune in to watch. However, only a few get to experience the live action and excitement by travelling to watch the game. With the exciting buildup to the Super Bowl, the amazing half time show, and the final touch down, there is too much to see on your small screen at home – it really must be experienced live.  With the season in full swing you will want to start looking into booking your sports travel package to the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, LA, before it’s sold out.

2. The Winter Games:


The Winter Games have become a phenomenon that captures the world’s hearts and minds, as they are engaged by the intense athletic competition. With the opening ceremonies, torches being lit, and flags being held proud, this an event that must be on your sports travel bucket list. There is no greater feeling then proudly cheering on your country as they strive to bring home the gold. This is an event that you want to plan early on as space becomes limited. With the Summer Games ending in London, England this past summer, we have much to look forward to at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014, so book early and embrace this amazing worldwide sporting event.

3. The Indianapolis 500:


Wondering what to do this Memorial Day? Take a trip to the Indy 500, the greatest spectacle in racing. Each year, the Indy 500 brings in thousands of spectators. This sporting event is filled with entertainment including parades, marathons and of course, thrilling high speed racing. The Indy 500 is full of traditions, which is why this sporting event must make your sports road trip bucket list. We can put together a custom package that lets you experience the thrill of the pit pre-race, and the post-race garage. You can even with your favourite drivers to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime event!

4. The Kentucky Derby:


Take a trip to Churchhill Downs and watch in amazement as beautifully trained horses run for the roses in what seems like only a few quick, but amazing minutes. The Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle of elegance, history, and a good time.  Ladies get to bring out their most extravagant hats and men get to sip on their mint julep while everyone enjoys the horse races.  This is a must-see event and can only be fully enjoyed by embracing the traditions and culture that occur at Churchhill Downs. Reserved Kentucky Derby seating for you and your guests, fantastic meals and horse country tours are all an essential part of your luxurious bucket list trip.

5. World Cup:

If you love a high energy sport, with unpredictable plays, aggressive players and down to the minute nail biting games, then you must put the World Cup on your sports travel bucket list. Grab your favourite team’s jersey and head to the stands to join thousands of soccer fans cheer from their seats.  With action-packed matches happening all over the host city, you can follow your home team or attend the biggest match of all – the World Cup final! Watching your favourite soccer team compete on the world stage is an unforgettable experience that must be on your list.

Are any of these trips on your bucket list? Roadtrips can help you plan the ultimate sporting event trip to any of these exciting events. Submit a Custom Trip Quote online or call one of our sports travel specialists at 1-800-465-1765 today to get started on your dream sports trip!

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