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Alison Baker is the lead writer in Roadtrips’ marketing department. An avid traveller and passionate sports fan, she’s found her ideal fit at Roadtrips, one of the leaders in sports travel. Alison’s enjoyed working in the travel industry for the last 20 years and had the opportunity to experience it from all sides, from sales and marketing to quality assurance and hosting.

Alison grew up in a small town on the Canadian prairies and her parents instilled the travel bug in her early on. She knew she wanted a career that involved travel and started at BTI Canada (now HRG Worldwide) in 1999 after obtaining her Travel Counsellor diploma from Robertson College. After getting her feet wet, she took a leave for a year to travel around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand before returning to Canada. After a stint at Canada One Travel creating custom travel packages to Asia, she joined Roadtrips in 2007. Her role at Roadtrips has seen her both behind the scenes writing for the blog and copywriting as well as on the front line, hosting clients at major sporting events like the Indy 500 and the Ryder Cup.

The opportunity to help others nurture their passions for sports and travel is one that Alison relishes. She continues to do her own fair share of traveling and in true Canadian fashion, loves cheering on her hometown hockey team. Alison resides in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband and three children.

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