As most of you know…The World Cup of Soccer is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 12th until July 13th, 2014.  It’s going to be a time to remember for anyone lucky enough to go, especially if your trip is booked through Roadtrips.  World class soccer (or football if you prefer!) is much more exciting live and the energy in the stadium will be high.

However, what will really make your World Cup in 2014 trip unforgettable are all of the extras that become part of the package when you book it with Roadtrips.

Luxury Accommodations

You didn’t think we’d send you all the way to the World Cup without some choice hotel options, did you?  Rio has some of the most impressive hotels you’ll find anywhere, and you just may find yourself in one of them when you book a World Cup trip through Roadtrips.  Some of the biggest and best include The Copacabana Palace, Windsor Atlantica and the Fasano Rio de Janeiro.

Treated Like Royalty

It won’t just be the accommodations that have you feeling special, either.  With a custom World Cup package you’ll get your own personal meet and greet at the airport, airport and event transfers, and personal host services.  These are people who are experts in customer service and know how to make their guests feel welcome.  You will definitely have fond memories of Brazil and Rio in particular, once your trip is over and you’re headed back home.

South American Excursions

So, you’re in for the best soccer in the world, you get to lay your head at the best hotel you’ve ever seen and everyone around you is treating you like some kind of VIP.  This is probably enough, but by booking through Roadtrips you’ll also have access to some pretty amazing South American excursions.  These include places like the Amazon, Galapagos, Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu.  By working out the custom details of your trip beforehand, you should be able to see some memorable sights between all the soccer.

Important Considerations

Even though you’ll be thoroughly educated on the ins and outs of keeping yourself safe when you set up your trip, and the Brazilian security will be out in full force, there are a few points worth mentioning.  Avoid walking around the city with larger sums of money in your pockets, keep the flashy jewelry to a minimum, and be careful when doing any traveling after dark.



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