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At Roadtrips, we love to put together custom Formula 1 travel packages. Auto racing is an exciting and exclusive sporting event sure to make for a memorable trip to any destination. If you’re a Formula 1 fan, here is our list of the top 4 Formula 1 events you must see in 2013:

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, May 24-27, 2013
The Monaco Grand Prix is a fan favorite and is seen as a jewel in the crown of the Formula One World Championships. To win this Formula 1 race is very challenging because even the smallest error could be fatal. The track twists and turns down the narrow streets of Monte Carlo and along the harbor front. The nature of the track favours a driver’s skill rather than the power of his car, calling for the racers to put a strategy into play. This event is viewed by many on patios, in the streets and yachts, as spectators all try to get a piece of the action.
Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, November 1-4, 2013


This race is one of our favourites because of its exotic locale and exciting circuit. The Yaz Marina Circuit has enough twists and turns to keep the audience enthralled for the duration of the race. The first-class facilities at this F1 venue also make it a comfortable place to experience this exclusive event. While in Abu Dhabi, be sure to check out cultural sites like the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Emirates Palace – there are tons of historical sites neaby. We love this event for its awesome racing and the laid-back atmosphere of Abu Dhabi.
Formula 1 Gran Premio de España, May 10-13, 2013

The Circuit de Catalunya is a favourite for F1 drivers – especially for winter driving. Featuring every type of corner imaginable, it makes for a great place to test out one’s driving skills. The wind direction at the circuit can change drastically during the day, making it a challenge for all drivers and resulting in unexpected performances! Located in Barcelona, this race makes our top racing event list because it combines the excitement of a world-class racing event with the luxury and charm of the beautiful Spanish city. This is an essential event for all F1 lovers.

Formula 1 Gran Premio d’Italia, Septmber 6-9, 2013
Monza, the circuit used in the Gran Premio d’Italia, is the oldest European circuit still in use! Since the first Grand Prix was held here in 1921, F1 drivers from across the globe have held up this long standing tradition of racing on this well-known track. Located just outside of Milan, this race keeps you close to the capital of fashion and culture in Italy. This is definitely a must-see event because of its history and unparalleled venue. This race will be a winner as part of your Italian travel experience.

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