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We absolutely adore Monaco, and attending the Grand Prix there every year is definitely a highlight for the Roadtrips team. Here are some of the very best things to do when visiting the principality, all of which we can add into your itinerary when you travel with us. 

1. ARRIVE IN STYLE If you’re going to do Monaco, you’ve got to do it right and that’s why helicopter transfers from Nice airport are a standard inclusion for our Monte-Carlo guests. Not only will you feel like royalty, you’ll get some spectacular views of the principality and the coast from the air. As a bonus, it’s also the fastest way to get you to this amazing destination.

2. PALAIS DU PRINCE Yes, it’s one of those attractions that you’ll find in every travel guide but it really is spectacular. The walk up to the palace will take you through the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Monte-Carlo (Monaco-Ville), which is deserving of a visit in itself. Once you arrive at the Palais you can marvel at the grandeur of this magnificent piece of architecture, home to the ruling Grimaldi family for over 700 years. It’s worth timing your visit to coincide with the changing of the guard at 11:55 a.m. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the stunning view (yes, they do seem to be everywhere) of the city down below.

3. CASINO DE MONTE-CARLO This isn’t your typical casino. Even non-gamblers will be impressed by this 150+ year-old famed 1 3 institution. Its elegant Belle Époque décor is stunning and the clientele equally so. Go for the games, the drinks or take a tour. Words don’t do it justice, it’s a must see. People watching at its best.

4. OCEANOGRAPHIC MUSEUM If you’re traveling with the family (or even if you’re not), the Oceanographic Museum near the Prince’s Palace is a cool place to visit. The building itself is actually built into the rock, a pretty spectacular sight. There’s close to one hundred aquariums full of thousands of marine species to check out. We also love the rooftop restaurant; it’s a great place for some refreshment during or after your visit.

5. EXOTIC GARDEN OF MONACO There are few things that shock us about Monaco anymore. The principality has everything so why wouldn’t it have one of the world’s most extensive collections of exotic succulents (simply defined as plants which have acclimatized to dry climates e.g. cacti) on display. In all seriousness though, this unique garden is absolutely fascinating. Unlike your typical garden, you’ll wander alongside craggy cliffs and underground caverns. Plants have been brought in from all over the world and put on display in this impressive garden, which has been around for over 80 years.

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