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For the first time in history, the America’s Cup is being held in beautiful Bermuda, and what a competition it promises to be. The sailing conditions at this island paradise are ideal, and historical data has shown that the winds should be perfect for the competition 90% of the time throughout June (when the America’s Cup runs).

Famous for its clear blue waters and pretty pink sands, Bermuda has been considered a prime luxury vacation spot by the world’s rich and famous for more than a century, and visiting whilst this prestigious event runs will be just incredible. Bermuda is fantastic, and we wanted to brief readers of this blog on some of the many reasons we are excited to take our guests there, besides the sailing which would be reason enough.

Great golfing. Bermuda is a golfers’ paradise. There are seven unique courses on the Islands to try, with each offering something a little different, but all offering those incredible views and perfect weather conditions most of the time. Warning: The stunning views from some of the holes (such as the 16th hole at Port Royal Golf Club, which is on the edge of a waterfront cliff top) may put you off your stroke.

The place is awe-inspiring. Saying that Bermuda is beautiful is a massive understatement. For centuries the Islands have attracted dreamers and artists, and Bermuda is the only place in the New World that was referenced by Shakespeare (in The Tempest). John Lennon wrote his last album, Double Fantasy, in Bermuda after heading there to kill the writer’s block that had paralyzed his artistic abilities for five years.

The food is fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful white linen tablecloth dining experience or the best fish sandwich you’ve ever had in your life (served on raisin bread, which sounds bizarre but actually tastes amazing), Bermuda has awesome restaurants. You also have to at least drink a few dark and stormy cocktails when you’re there too – they consist of rum and ginger ale, which is just perfect on a hot day (and after watching the racing at the America’s Cup).

There’s a rich history. For more than 400 years, Bermuda has had a lot going on. From pirates and rum-runners to waves of immigration which each left a distinct impression on the Islands’ culture, there are so many stories in Bermuda that you could spends weeks exploring it all. You’ll see plenty of neat historical architecture around Bermuda, and the gorgeous town of St George’s, with its cobbled streets and fortifications, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bermuda is really easy to get to. Although widely referred to as part of the Caribbean, Bermuda is actually still part of British North America and when you visit you’ll see evidence of that everywhere (from the iconic red telephone and mailboxes to British chain stores in downtown Hamilton). Bermuda is closer to North Carolina (600 miles east in fact) than it is to any other Caribbean Islands. Consequently, you can get there from the east coast of the US and Canada in very little time (it is two hours from New York, for example).

Thinking about heading to Bermuda for the 2017 America’s Cup? We are organizing some fantastic packages right now. Get in touch to get to the front of the line once we announce our packages, and come explore wonderful Bermuda with us next year.

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