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Two of our team just celebrated ten years at Roadtrips, our Ticket Manager Norm Wylie, and Sales Manager Brian Benci. Spending a decade with Roadtrips means that you get to have some incredible experiences, and we asked the guys what some of the highlights had been for them.


Brian Benci (on the left) and Norm Wylie (on the right) just celebrated ten years on the Roadtrips team.

“Everything is a highlight, and it is hard to pick my favourite moments,” said Brian, “But as a big hockey guy I have to say that being able to be there in Vancouver at the Winter Games watching the men’s gold medal game and seeing Crosby scoring that winning overtime goal, that has to be the biggest highlight.” Brian also loved the hockey road trips that he used to do (with Norm) where they’d take guests from Montreal to Toronto to New York and then Buffalo, touring arenas and watching games. “Those tours were amazing because I’m so into hockey,” says Brian.

Norm pinned his favourite Roadtrips experiences down to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, the soccer World Cup in South Africa, and the Summer Games in London. “Traveling to these fantastic sporting events all over the world is so great,” he says, “And the nice thing about my job is that I get to help put smiles on clients’ faces, and help them to have the trip of their dreams.”

It isn’t just the travel opportunities that make our employees want to stay – the other people on the Roadtrips team also play a big part. Besides making firm friendships, Norm also met his wife at the company (and several work friends attended his wedding a few weeks ago). “It is a special group of people,” agrees Brian, “We are more like a family. We’re here for each other, and of course we all love sports which helps us get on well.”

All of us at Roadtrips are proud and happy to work in an environment where people love their jobs and stick around because they like it here so much. Dave Guenther, Duane Penner, Jeff Wills and Kate Burzynski are more of our employees with 10+ years as part of the Roadtrips team. We know that having employees who love their job is one reason we’re able to meet and go above our clients’ expectations when it comes to delivering excellent customer service. So thanks everyone, we’re so happy you’re part of our team here.

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