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2022 World Cup Schedule Qatar

The 2022 World Cup schedule is an absolute dream for football fans. The group stage consists of four matches a day all within a 46-mile radius of each other. This ultraconvenient schedule provides a rare opportunity for fans to feast on football at the highest level. Below you will find the tentative tournament schedule to help you start planning your ultimate 2022 World Cup experience.

DateTeam 1MatchTeam 2Time*Location
21-Nov-22Qatar1A21:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
21-Nov-22Team 12Team 24:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
21-Nov-22Team 13Team 27:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
21-Nov-22Team 14Team 210:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
22-Nov-22Team 15Team 21:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
22-Nov-22Team 16Team 24:00 PMEducation City Stadium
22-Nov-22Team 17Team 27:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
22-Nov-22Team 18Team 210:00 PMLusail Stadium
23-Nov-22Team 19Team 21:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
23-Nov-22Team 110Team 24:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
23-Nov-22Team 111Team 27:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
23-Nov-22Team 112Team 210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
24-Nov-22Team 113Team 21:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
24-Nov-22Team 114Team 24:00 PMEducation City Stadium
24-Nov-22Team 115Team 27:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
24-Nov-22Team 116Team 210:00 PMLusail Stadium
25-Nov-22Team 117Team 21:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
25-Nov-22Team 118Team 24:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
25-Nov-22Team 119Team 27:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
25-Nov-22Team 120Team 210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
26-Nov-22Team 121Team 21:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
26-Nov-22Team 122Team 24:00 PMEducation City Stadium
26-Nov-22Team 123Team 27:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
26-Nov-22Team 124Team 210:00 PMLusail Stadium
27-Nov-22Team 125Team 21:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
27-Nov-22Team 126Team 24:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
27-Nov-22Team 127Team 27:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
27-Nov-22Team 128Team 210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
28-Nov-22Team 129Team 21:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
28-Nov-22Team 130Team 24:00 PMEducation City Stadium
28-Nov-22Team 131Team 27:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
28-Nov-22Team 132Team 210:00 PMLusail Stadium
29-Nov-22Team 133Team 26:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
29-Nov-22Team 134Team 26:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
29-Nov-22Team 135Team 210:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
29-Nov-22Team 136Team 210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
30-Nov-22Team 137Team 26:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
30-Nov-22Team 138Team 26:00 PMEducation City Stadium
30-Nov-22Team 139Team 210:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
30-Nov-22Team 140Team 210:00 PMLusail Stadium
1-Dec-22Team 141Team 26:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
1-Dec-22Team 142Team 26:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
1-Dec-22Team 143Team 210:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
1-Dec-22Team 144Team 210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
2-Dec-22Team 145Team 26:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
2-Dec-22Team 146Team 26:00 PMEducation City Stadium
2-Dec-22Team 147Team 210:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
2-Dec-22Team 148Team 210:00 PMLusail Stadium
Round of 16
3-Dec-221A492B6:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
3-Dec-221C502D10:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
4-Dec-221B512A10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
4-Dec-221D522C6:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
5-Dec-221E532F6:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
5-Dec-221G542H10:00 PMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
6-Dec-221F552E6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
6-Dec-221H562G10:00 PMLusail Stadium
9-Dec-22W4957W5010:00 PMLusail Stadium
9-Dec-22W5358W546:00 PMEducation City Stadium
10-Dec-22W5159W5210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
10-Dec-22W5560W566:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
Semi Finals
13-Dec-22W5761W5810:00 PMLusail Stadium
14-Dec-22W5962W6010:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
17-Dec-22L6163L626:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
18-Dec-22W6164W626:00 PMLusail Stadium

* All times are local (Arabian Standard Time).
Subtract 8 hours for Eastern Standard Time (New York).
Subtract 11 hours for Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles).


Group Stage Matches
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12
A1 v A2C1 v C2E1 v E2G1 v G2A1 v A3C1 v C3E1 v E3G1 v G3A1 v A4C1 v C4E1 v E4G1 v G4
A3 v A4C3 v C4E3 v E4G3 v G4A2 v A4C2 v C4E2 v E4G2 v G4A2 v A3C2 v C3E2 v E3G2 v G3
B1 v B2D1 v D2F1 v F2H1 v H2B1 v B3D1 v D3F1 v F3H1 v H3B1 v B4D1 v D4F1 v F4H1 v H4
B3 v B4D3 v D4F3 v F4H3 v H4B2 v B4D2 v D4F2 v F4H2 v H4B2 v B3D2 v D3F2 v F3H2 v H3

Interesting Facts about the 2022 World Cup Schedule

The 2022 World Cup is scheduled to take place November 21 to December 18 and is unique for a few reasons:

  • At just 28 days long, the 2022 World Cup will be the shortest tournament since the 1978 edition.
  • The 2022 World Cup will be the last World Cup tournament to feature 32 teams; in 2026, the number will jump to 48 teams.
  • Though the World Cup typically takes place in June and July, with Qatar being the 2022 host nation, the 2022 World Cup will play out in Qatar’s winter months to avoid the country’s high summer temperatures.
  • This will mark the first time the World Cup is played in the Middle East.
  • All of the host stadiums are within a 35-mile radius from Doha, making it incredibly convenient for fans to attend multiple matches.

When will the 2022 World Cup schedule be finalized?

National teams will continue to play qualifiers until spring of 2022. Once all the qualifying teams have been determined, the World Cup draw will take place (expected date: April 2022) to decide the eight groups of four teams who will play each other in the group stage. The top two teams from each group will continue on to the knockout stage, culminating with the World Cup Final at Lusail Stadium on December 18th. The match times will be finalized after the draw to optimize the schedule for fans, players, and the media.

How many matches will there be in the 2022 World Cup?

A total of 64 matches will be played over the 28-day World Cup period. There are 48 matches in the group stage and 16 matches in the knockout round.

Where will the 2022 World Cup matches take place?

Qatar’s World Cup will play out in eight stadiums in and around Doha. The 2022 World Cup Venues are:

  • Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor
  • Al Rayyan Stadium in Al Rayyan
  • Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah
  • Al Thumama Stadium in Doha
  • Education City Stadium in Doha
  • Khalifa International Stadium in Doha
  • Ras Abu Aboud Stadium in Doha
  • Lusail Stadium in Lusail

All of the World Cup venues are within 46 miles of each other, making this tournament an incredible opportunity for fans to take in more games than ever before.


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