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Do I need a visa to travel to Qatar?

Most of our guests will not need a visa to travel to Qatar. In fact, there are 80 countries that are permitted visa-free entry into the Qatar for a period of up to 90 days. To be eligible for this visa waiver upon arrival, travelers must be able to present a valid passport with at least six months’ validity, as well as an onward or return ticket.

Can I make my own itinerary?

Yes! We believe that no one knows what your ultimate sports travel experience looks like better than you. Our 2022 World Cup custom travel packages are designed using a consultative approach to ensure they are absolutely perfect for each traveler. You tell us your preferred inclusions, dates, and budget and we’ll curate an itinerary tailor-made just for you.

Who will be leading our Tour? Is there free time so we can do our own thing?

Your Roadtrips World Cup sports travel experience is designed around your preferences and can include as much free time as you like. Our travel packages are unescorted to allow you maximum flexibility and privacy. Our high-touch service model ensures you will be fully taken care of without feeling like you are part of someone else’s agenda. Upon booking, you will have access to your own pre-travel personal concierge, who will manage every aspect of your trip planning, from arranging restaurant reservations, to booking excursions, to answering your questions and providing local recommendations.

In addition, during your trip you’ll have 24/7 access to our multilingual on-site host team that is comprised of experienced event hosts and destination specialists. They are there to assist you with any questions or requests you have while in Qatar. You can travel worry-free, knowing our team is available to you whenever you need, on your own schedule.

What research have you done for this tour?

We strive to create the best possible travel experiences for our guests. For all of our major events, including the World Cup in Qatar, our preparation begins years in advance. We travel to the host cities to scout out the best hotels, meet with local partners, test out transportation options, and along the way we discover which restaurants, attractions, and shops are worthy of recommending to our guests. We’ve been traveling to the world’s biggest sporting events for over 28 years now, and in the process have accumulated invaluable experience and expertise that we utilize to provide our guests with a travel experience that is as seamless as possible.

Will I be able to drink alcohol in Qatar?

While alcohol generally isn’t a part of the culture in Qatar, there are restaurants and bars with a license to serve. These are typically found inside hotels, though there are exceptions of course. There is also an expectation that special alcohol licenses will be granted to additional eateries specifically for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

What will the weather be like in Qatar?

Qatar’s desert climate means hot summers and warm winters. The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar’s winter season, to take advantage of the milder temperatures. Average daytime highs in November and December in Qatar range from mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit with minimal precipitation.

Is there a dress code in Qatar?

While there is no dress code in Qatar, traditional Qatari clothing is quite modest and covers most of the body. Foreigners are not expected to uphold the same standards, though it is recommended that travelers are sensitive and show respect to local values and customs by wearing clothing that covers the shoulders and knees.

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