Summer Games Tours & Experiences

Tokyo is a fascinating destination with a long list of things to do and places to see. We’ve carefully selected our favorites for you to enjoy. Our professionally hosted tours can be added to your itinerary in any configuration to allow you to make the most of your visit to Japan. Customize your itinerary with the most exciting “must-see” attractions, unique cultural rituals, and quintessential Japanese culinary experiences to create your ultimate Tokyo Summer Games experience.

Summer Games Tours & Experiences
Tokyo Highlights Half Day TourTokyo Past and Present Tour
Authentic Tokyo with Tea CeremonyCulture and Architecture Walking Photography Tour
Private Sushi Making ExperienceCustomizable Tokyo Shopping Experience
Tokyo Culinary Walking TourGuided Tokyo Nightlife Tour
Sumo Wrestling Stable VisitExclusive Ochaya Dinner with Geisha Entertainment
Mount Fuji Day Trip by Bullet TrainKamakura Day Trip – The Cradle of Zen
Kyoto Excursion (three day, two night)

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Add-On Tours and Excursions

  • Seamless integration with your Roadtrips itinerary and on-site hosts to manage logistics
  • Quality assured as we vet suppliers to ensure a great tour or experience
  • Secure your preferred experience in advance as availability of quality guides and tours can be limited during major events
  • Special extras such as day trips by bullet train, multi-night excursions (eg Kyoto), exclusive experiences such as Geisha Dinner and Entertainment
  • Private guides and custom tours to offer a more complete and personalized experience
  • The convenience of a Roadtrips At-Your-Service representative to manage your entire trip

Tokyo Highlights Half Day Tour

(Included in Our Standard Packages)

Your experienced guide will show you the best that Tokyo has to offer. You will be picked up at your hotel by your English-speaking guide, then step back in time to visit the Tokyo of old with a stroll through the tranquil Meiji Shrine and a serene walk through the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. Explore the bustling area of Shinjuku, known for its towering skyscrapers and numerous alleyways dotted with local cafes and shops. You will then be whisked away to Ginza, the famous shopping district lit by bright neon signs and showcasing brands from all over the world. As you travel through this vibrant city, you will discover unique neighborhoods, historic temples and cultural attractions. You will be returned to your hotel with time to ask questions or receive recommendations for meals or additional attractions.

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Tokyo Past and Present Tour

(Optional Extension of Tour Above)

Tokyo has so much to offer. For our guests who are interested in extending their included Tokyo Highlights Half Day Tour, a customizable experience can be offered. Get a real feel for the beautiful contrasts of this city, where ancient history meets modern, cutting edge. Visit Tokyo Tower, where you’ll receive a bird’s-eye view of the city’s vast urban landscape from a refurbished observation deck. Travel onwards to vibrant Akihabara, renowned for its electronic shops and anime culture. For a peaceful retreat, your dedicated guide will then introduce you to the tranquil Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest. Explore Shibuya, another bustling neighbourhood famed for its colorful alleyways and famous scramble crossing. Bordering this area is Harajuku, the epicentre of young fashion. Its busy streets are lined with trendy boutiques, sweet treat cafes and unique accessory and souvenir shops. A lunch stop will be made early in the afternoon, based on your preferences with recommendations from your guide. You will be returned to your hotel with time to ask questions or receive suggestions for restaurants or additional attractions.

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Authentic Tokyo with Tea Ceremony

Tokyo is a city with a vibrant culture and one-of-a-kind experiences. Your knowledgeable guide will accompany you on a walk through two of Tokyo’s unique neighborhoods to take in historic buildings, bustling atmospheres, a plethora of local shops and truly authentic restaurants. Tokyo’s districts all have a uniquely distinct feel, and your guide will discuss the details of your tour in advance to get a feel for the best fit based on your interests. Get truly immersed in Japanese culture as you experience a traditional tea ceremony during your walking tour; sample matcha, handcrafted sweets and seasonal snacks.

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Culture and Architecture Walking Photography Tour

Led by a specialist photographer, this half day walking excursion introduces visitors to both ancient Buddhist sites and modern neighborhoods. Discover Japan’s long standing traditions and its wide ranging pop culture through the eyes of your local expert. Explore the heart of the Harajuku and Omotesando neighbourhoods to learn about the city’s prominent architecture and take those unique photos. Understand what makes Tokyo the interesting city it is through historical themes and modern, global trends. Take in traditional and contemporary buildings, designed by esteemed Japanese artists and international architects. This experience is fully customizable and tailor made for you with the assistance of your private photographer.

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culture achitechture walking photo tour

Private Sushi Making Experience

Sushi is synonymous with Japan. Learn to create this Japanese staple under the guidance of an Itamae (master sushi chef and instructor). Your expert chef will explain the entire process; from sourcing the freshest of ingredients to the creation of the perfect roll, while explaining the art of balance and precision. While the focus tends to be superior, hand-picked seafood (and rightly so), guests will also come to understand the importance of the rice, with its regional variations and special cooking processes. This private experience takes place at our specially selected local restaurant within walking distance of your hotel, and will include samples of the creations.

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sushi making tour

Customizable Tokyo Shopping Experience

A mecca for dedicated shoppers, Tokyo has it all: high end design brands, traditional finds and a truly local fashion scene. Led by your private, expert guide, you’ll visit shops of your choice as discussed with your guide in advance to best suit your interests. The options are endless; Ginza is the city’s shopping “capital” and home to posh boutiques and gleaming department stores. High-fashion mall Ginza Six dominates, but tucked in between its imposing facades are smaller, local gems such as Takumi for local crafts and gourmet food at Akoymeya. The Shibuya and Harajuku districts have a trendy, modern vibe and Akihabara is the electronics mecca. Bustling Shinjuku boasts some of the city’s most revered shops, and its window shopping is a veritable feast for the eyes.

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customizable tokyo shopping

Tokyo Culinary Walking Tour

Taste some of Tokyo’s most iconic cuisine in the city which boasts one of the best culinary scenes in the world. This gastronomic adventure is privately guided and a true “foodies” dream. Venture off the beaten path to experience the dishes of the locals, sampling yakitori (skewered and grilled meat and vegetables), comforting ramen or udon, and crafted taiyaki (fish shaped pastry filled with bean paste or custard). You will experience everything from authentic cafes, bustling street markets, depachika (deluxe food halls housed in major department stores) and specialty restaurants. Sample Washoku dishes, a cooking style that emphasizes seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques. Expect well-known favorites (such as sushi and tempura, it goes without saying), rounded out with new and inventive dishes.

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culinary tour

Guided Toyko Nightlife Tour

Tokyo is famous for its nightlife. Your knowledgeable guide will take you to neon-lit Shinjuku and Kabuchiko areas to sample small, authentic restaurants and explore the small alleys and quirky bars of the Golden Gai. Explore Kabuchiko’s “Sleepless Town”, an infamous entertainment and red-light district. Stop by Izakaya, a Japanese-style gastropub, for a hand crafted drink and continue on to the candlelit Hanazono Shrine. Entrances to night clubs can be arranged and this popular tour can be customized for preferences.

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Sumo Wrestling Stable Visit

Sumo is Japan’s national sport and a deeply rooted tradition. Training is strict and regimented; sumo wrestlers spend years dedicated to a heya (stable), where they live and train. Observe these ‘titans of men’ in an intimate and authentic location and see first-hand how they became the masters of this uniquely Japanese sport. Competitive and gruelling, sumo is also extremely technical and hierarchal. Gain insight into this curious world with expert explanations and inside etiquette knowledge.

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Exclusive Ochaya Dinner with Geisha Entertainment

Ochayas are contemporary tea houses – but actually not designed for drinking tea. Rather they are historic, invitation-only establishments where Geishas entertain guests with song, dance and witty conversation, all while ensuring glasses are filled and special guests are well looked after. Your dedicated guide will accompany you on this once in a lifetime experience; expect traditional music such as the koto (Japanese harp), impeccable hosting, seasonal dance and entertaining games. Geishas are highly trained masters of fine arts and communication; it takes years of dedicated study and practice to enter this very traditional and professional custom. Learn about their daily rituals and their mysterious life. Many Japanese residents have never had the opportunity to experience this very unique and exclusive event.

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Mount Fuji Day Trip by Bullet Train

Japan’s most legendary mountain is also the country’s highest; travellers from all over the globe come to marvel at its beauty and some climb to its summit. It is of importance to Japanese citizens as it represents good luck and good fortune. Your private guide will meet you at your hotel this morning and will escort you by taxi or metro to Tokyo Station, where you will board your First Class train car to Odawara Station (one hour). From there, a private transfer will take you to the mountainous and picturesque town of Hakone, famous for its hot springs and breathtaking views of Mount Fuji. Your knowledgeable guide will share the mountain’s significance and will escort you through this scenic town. Enjoy lunch, explore the quaint shops and local cafes, capture the best photographs and explore the Open Air Museum prior to returning to Tokyo by bullet train. You will be taken back to your hotel under the care of your guide.

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Kamakura Day Trip – The Cradle of Zen

Meet your private guide in your hotel lobby this morning for a day trip to Kamakura, a seaside city located just south of Tokyo. An hour by train, this region of Japan is popular with both locals and visitors alike, and makes for a perfect day retreat. Kamakura was the political capital of medieval Japan, and is now a scenic resort town with a plethora of Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto Shrines, bamboo gardens and authentic tea houses. Its most recognizable attraction is the Great Buddha, standing 13 metres high, and is a must-see, although there are many secret gems that are equally worth exploring. Alongside your dedicated guide, trace the development of the unique concept of Zen and experience the discipline of those practicing this meditation. Enjoy a Japanese lunch overlooking the secluded garden at Komyoji. Your experienced guide will explain the cultural importance of Kamakura as you explore a temple of your choice this afternoon, prior to taking a scenic walk along the beautiful beach. Board your return train to Tokyo with your guide later in the afternoon. You will then be taken to your hotel, with dinner recommendations from your guide.

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Kyoto Excursion (three day, two night)

Kyoto is, in a word, a delight. It is truly the centre of traditional Japanese culture and is remarkable in beauty, history and design. It boasts a stunning array of temples, famous World Heritage Sites, peaceful Zen gardens and traditional wooden architecture. Not to mention the fabulous shopping and world class restaurants. It is also known as the birthplace of the Geisha.

This three-day semi-escorted trip will allow visitors to explore both independently, and at times accompanied by a dedicated guide on selected experiences.

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