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2023 Women’s World Cup Schedule

To assist with your planning for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, we’ve detailed the tournament schedule below.

The women’s national teams around the world will play qualifying matches until late 2022. Once all the qualifying teams have been decided, tournament organizers will hold the Women’s World Cup draw. The draw will determine the eight groups of four teams, as well as where and when they will play in the group stage. Here are some of the key details about the 2023 Women’s World Cup schedule:

  • The tournament is scheduled to take place between July 20 and August 20, 2023.
  • The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be the first to take place with 32 teams, expanded from 24 in 2019.
  • The group stage matches will be divided into with eight groups of four teams (four groups in Australia, four groups in New Zealand)
  • The top two teams from each group of four will proceed to the Round of 16.
  • All matches after the group stage will be knockout format.
  • A total of 64 games will be played.
  • The games will take place in 10 venues in New Zealand and Australia.
  • The opening match of the tournament will take place in Eden Park, Auckland, and will include the Opening Ceremony.
  • The first semi-final is at Eden Park, Auckland. The second semi-final is at Stadium Australia in Sydney, which will also host the Championship Final.

We’ll continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

DateTeam 1 Team 2Location
20-JulNew ZealandvA2Eden Park, Auckland
20-JulAustraliavB2Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
21-JulA3vA4Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
21-JulB3vB4Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
21-JulC1vC2Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
22-JulC3vC4Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
22-JulD1vD2Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
22-JulD3vD4Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
22-JulE1vE2Eden Park, Auckland
23-JulE3vE4Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
23-JulF1vF2Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
23-JulG1vG2Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
24-JulF3vF4Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
24-JulG3vG4Eden Park, Auckland
24-JulH1vH2Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
25-JulNew ZealandvA3Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
25-JulA4vA2Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
25-JulH3vH4Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
26-JulB4vB2Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
26-JulC1vC3Eden Park, Auckland
26-JulC4vC2Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
27-JulAustraliavB3Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
27-JulE1vE3Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
27-JulE4vE2Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
28-JulD1vD3Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
28-JulD4vD2Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
28-JulG4vG2Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
29-JulF1vF3Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
29-JulF4vF2Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
29-JulG1vG3Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
30-JulA4vNew ZealandDunedin Stadium, Dunedin
30-JulA2vA3Eden Park, Auckland
30-JulH1vH3Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
30-JulH4vH2Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
31-JulB4vAustraliaMelbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
31-JulB2vB3Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
31-JulC4vC1Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
31-JulC2vC3Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
1-AugD4vD1Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
1-AugD2vD3Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
1-AugE4vE1Eden Park, Auckland
1-AugE2vE3Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
2-AugF4vF1Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
2-AugF2vF3Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
2-AugG4vG1Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
2-AugG2vG3Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
3-AugH4vH1Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
3-AugH2vH3Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
Round of 16
5-AugWinner Group AR16 Match 1Runner-up Group CEden Park, Auckland
5-AugWinner Group CR16 Match 2Runner-up Group AWellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
6-AugWinner Group ER16 Match 3Runner-up Group GSydney Football Stadium, Sydney
6-AugWinner Group GR16 Match 4Runner-up Group EMelbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
7-AugWinner Group BR16 Match 5Runner-up Group DStadium Australia, Sydney
7-AugWinner Group DR16 Match 6Runner-up Group BBrisbane Stadium, Brisbane
8-AugWinner Group FR16 Match 7Runner-up Group HHindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
8-AugWinner Group HR16 Match 8Runner-up Group FMelbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
11-AugWinner R16 Match 1Quarter-final AWinner R16 Match 3Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
11-AugWinner R16 Match 2Quarter-final BWinner R16 Match 4Eden Park, Auckland
12-AugWinner R16 Match 5Quarter-final CWinner R16 Match 7Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
12-AugWinner R16 Match 6Quarter-final DWinner R16 Match 8Stadium Australia, Sydney
15-AugWinner quarter-final ASemi-final IWinner quarter-final BEden Park, Auckland
16-AugWinner quarter-final CSemi-final IIWinner quarter-final DStadium Australia, Sydney
Third place play-off
19-AugLoser semi-final IvLoser semi-final IIBrisbane Stadium, Brisbane
20-AugWinner semi-final IvWinner semi-final IIStadium Australia, Sydney
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