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2023 Women’s Worlds of Soccer Schedule

To assist with your planning for the 2023 Women’s Worlds of Soccer, we’ve detailed the tournament schedule below. Here are some of the key details about the 2023 Women’s Worlds of Soccer schedule:

  • The tournament is scheduled to take place between July 20 and August 20, 2023.
  • The 2023 Women’s Worlds of Soccer will be the first to take place with 32 teams, expanded from 24 in 2019.
  • The group stage matches have been divided into with eight groups of four teams: 4 in Australia, 4 in New Zealand
  • The top two teams from each group of four will proceed to the Round of 16.
  • All matches after the group stage will be knockout format.
  • A total of 64 games will be played.
  • The games will take place in 10 venues in New Zealand and Australia.
  • The opening match of the tournament will take place in Eden Park, Auckland, and will include the Opening Ceremony.
  • USWNT Group Stage Matches (NZ): vs Vietnam, Auckland July 22; vs Netherlands, Wellington July 27; vs Portugal, Auckland Aug 1
  • USWNT Path to the Final (If Group E Winner): R16 Sydney Aug 6; QF Wellington Aug 11; SF Auckland Aug 15; Final Sydney Aug 20
  • USWNT Path to the Final (If Group E Runner-up): R16 Melbourne Aug 6; QF Auckland Aug 11; SF Auckland Aug 15; Final Sydney Aug 20
  • The Championship Final will be hosted by Stadium Australia in Sydney
DateTeam 1MatchTeam 2GroupTimeLocation
20-JulNew Zealand1NorwayA19:00Eden Park, Auckland
20-JulAustralia2Republic of IrelandB20:00Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
21-JulPhilippines3SwitzerlandA17:00Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
21-JulNigeria4CanadaB12:30Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
21-JulSpain5Costa RicaC19:30Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
22-JulZambia6JapanC19:00Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
22-JulEngland7HaitiD19:30Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
22-JulDenmark8China PRD20:00Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
22-JulUSA9VietnamE13:00Eden Park, Auckland
23-JulNetherlands10PortugalE19:30Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
23-JulFrance11JamaicaF20:00Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
23-JulSweden12South AfricaG17:00Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
24-JulBrazil13PanamaF20:30Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
24-JulItaly14ArgentinaG18:00Eden Park, Auckland
24-JulGermany15MoroccoH18:30Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
25-JulColombia16Korea RepublicH12:00Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
25-JulNew Zealand17PhilippinesA17:30Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
25-JulSwitzerland18NorwayA20:00Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
26-JulCanada19Republic of IrelandB20:00Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
26-JulSpain20ZambiaC19:30Eden Park, Auckland
26-JulJapan21Costa RicaC17:00Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
27-JulAustralia22NigeriaB20:00Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
27-JulUSA23NetherlandsE13:00Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
27-JulPortugal24VietnamE19:30Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
28-JulEngland25DenmarkD18:30Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
28-JulChina PR26HaitiD20:30Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
28-JulArgentina27South AfricaG12:00Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
29-JulFrance28BrazilF20:00Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
29-JulPanama29JamaicaF20:30Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
29-JulSweden30ItalyG19:30Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
30-JulGermany31ColombiaH19:30Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
30-JulKorea Republic32MoroccoH14:00Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
30-JulSwitzerland33New ZealandA19:00Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
30-JulNorway34PhilippinesA19:00Eden Park, Auckland
31-JulCanada35AustraliaB20:00Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
31-JulRepublic of Ireland36NigeriaB20:00Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
31-JulJapan37SpainC19:00Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
31-JulCosta Rica38ZambiaC19:00Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
1-AugChina PR 39EnglandD20:30Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
1-AugHaiti40DenmarkD19:00Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
1-AugPortugal41USAE19:00Eden Park, Auckland
1-AugVietnam42NetherlandsE19:00Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
2-AugPanama43FranceF20:00Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
2-AugJamaica44BrazilF20:00Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
2-AugArgentina45SwedenG19:00Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
2-AugSouth Africa46ItalyG19:00Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
3-AugKorea Republic47GermanyH20:00Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
3-AugMorocco48ColombiaH18:00Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
Round of 16
5-AugWinner Group A49Runner-up Group C17:00Eden Park, Auckland
5-AugWinner Group C50Runner-up Group A20:00Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
6-AugWinner Group E51Runner-up Group G12:00Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
6-AugWinner Group G52Runner-up Group E19:00Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
7-AugWinner Group B53Runner-up Group D20:30Stadium Australia, Sydney
7-AugWinner Group D54Runner-up Group B17:30Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
8-AugWinner Group F55Runner-up Group H20:30Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
8-AugWinner Group H56Runner-up Group F18:00Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
11-AugWinner R16 Match 4957Winner R16 Match 51A13:00Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
11-AugWinner R16 Match 5058Winner R16 Match 52B19:30Eden Park, Auckland
12-AugWinner R16 Match 5359Winner R16 Match 55C17:00Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
12-AugWinner R16 Match 5460Winner R16 Match 56D20:30Stadium Australia, Sydney
15-AugWinner quarter-final A61Winner quarter-final B I20:00Eden Park, Auckland
16-AugWinner quarter-final C62Winner quarter-final D II20:00Stadium Australia, Sydney
Third place play-off
19-AugLoser semi-final I63Loser semi-final II18:00Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
20-AugWinner semi-final I64Winner semi-final II20:00Stadium Australia, Sydney
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