Your 2020 Euro Schedule

Don’t miss a minute of the 2020 Euro action with this handy 2020 Euro Schedule. Every 2020 Euro match and every venue courtesy of the Roadtrips team.

12-Jun-20Group A1Group AStadio Olimpico, Rome
13-Jun-20Group A2Group AOlympic Stadium, Baku
13-Jun-20Group B3Group BParken Stadium, Copenhagen
13-Jun-20Group B4Group BKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
14-Jun-20Group C5Group CJohan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
14-Jun-20Group C6Group CArena Națională, Bucharest
14-Jun-20Group D7Group DWembley Stadium, London
15-Jun-20Group D8Group DHampden Park, Glasgow
15-Jun-20Group E9Group ESan Mamés, Bilbao
15-Jun-20Group E10Group EAviva Stadium, Dublin
16-Jun-20Group F11Group FFerenc Puskás Stadium, Budapest
16-Jun-20Group F12Group FAllianz Arena, Munich
17-Jun-20Group A13Group AOlympic Stadium, Baku
17-Jun-20Group A14Group AStadio Olimpico, Rome
17-Jun-20Group B15Group BKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
18-Jun-20Group B16Group BParken Stadium, Copenhagen
18-Jun-20Group C17Group CJohan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
18-Jun-20Group C18Group CArena Națională, Bucharest
19-Jun-20Group D19Group DHampden Park, Glasgow
19-Jun-20Group D20Group DWembley Stadium, London
19-Jun-20Group E21Group EAviva Stadium, Dublin
20-Jun-20Group E22Group ESan Mamés, Bilbao
20-Jun-20Group F23Group FFerenc Puskás Stadium, Budapest
20-Jun-20Group F24Group FAllianz Arena, Munich
21-Jun-20Group A25Group AOlympic Stadium, Baku
21-Jun-20Group A26Group AStadio Olimpico, Rome
22-Jun-20Group B27Group BParken Stadium, Copenhagen
22-Jun-20Group B28Group BKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
22-Jun-20Group C29Group CJohan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
22-Jun-20Group C30Group CArena Națională, Bucharest
23-Jun-20Group D31Group DHampden Park, Glasgow
23-Jun-20Group D32Group DWembley Stadium, London
24-Jun-20Group E33Group ESan Mamés, Bilbao
24-Jun-20Group E34Group EAviva Stadium, Dublin
24-Jun-20Group F35Group FFerenc Puskás Stadium, Budapest
24-Jun-20Group F36Group FAllianz Arena, Munich
Round of 16
27-Jun-20Winner Group A37Runner-up Group CWembley Stadium, London
27-Jun-20Runner-up Group A38Runner-up Group BJohan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
28-Jun-20Winner Group B393rd Group A/D/E/FSan Mamés, Bilbao
28-Jun-20Winner Group C403rd Group D/E/FFerenc Puskás Stadium, Budapest
29-Jun-20Winner Group F413rd Group A/B/CArena Națională, Bucharest
29-Jun-20Runner-up Group D42Runner-up Group EParken Stadium, Copenhagen
30-Jun-20Winner Group E433rd Group A/B/C/DHampden Park, Glasgow
30-Jun-20Winner Group D44Runner-up Group FAviva Stadium, Dublin
3-Jul-20Winner 4145Winner 42Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
3-Jul-20Winner 3946Winner 37Allianz Arena, Munich
4-Jul-20Winner 4047Winner 38Olympic Stadium, Baku
4-Jul-20Winner 4348Winner 44Stadio Olimpico, Rome
7-Jul-20Winner 4549Winner 46Wembley Stadium, London
8-Jul-20Winner 4850Winner 47Wembley Stadium, London
12-Jul-20Winner 4951Winner 50Wembley Stadium, London
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