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The iconic Monaco Grand Prix has been thrilling Formula 1 fans since way back in 1950. Over the years, this race has become one of the most sought-after events on the planet. It’s an experience unlike any other sporting event, which is why it sits atop bucket lists the world over. The luxury, the glamour, and the excitement of the competition combine to create something truly extraordinary. Whether you’re an F1 fan, a passionate traveller, or both, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the Monaco Grand Prix.

When is the Monaco Grand Prix?

The next Monaco Grand Prix will take place on May 26, 2024.

Where is the Monaco Grand Prix?

The iconic Monaco Grand Prix takes place on the Circuit de Monaco, a street circuit that winds through Monte Carlo in the principality of Monaco.

What time does the Monaco Grand Prix start?

The Monaco Grand Prix start time is typically 3:00 p.m. local time. Though this has not been confirmed for 2024, it is expected the race will follow a similar schedule to recent years.

What is the race schedule for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix?

Monaco Grand Prix weekend boasts a number of events and activities for race fans. We expect a similar schedule to 2023 which saw Friday host the first two practice sessions. Saturday afternoon begins with the third practice, followed by race qualifying later in the day. On Sunday, there is a Driver’s Parade prior to the main event: The Grand Prix de Monaco.

Throughout the weekend, there are also events showcasing Formula 2, Formula 3, and the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. Check out our provisional 2024 Monaco Grand Prix Schedule for more details.

How many cars race in the Monaco Grand Prix?

For Formula 1 races — including the Monaco Grand Prix — there are 10 teams entered, each permitted 2 cars for a total of twenty cars per event.

What drivers are competing in the Monaco Grand Prix?

The 2024 lineup of F1 drivers has not yet been determined. The 2023 lineup includes:
Max Verstappen – Red Bull Racing
Sergio Perez – Red Bull Racing
Charles Leclerc – Ferrari
Carlos Sainz – Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
George Russell – Mercedes
Pierre Gasly – Alpine
Esteban Ocon – Alpine
Lando Norris – McLaren
Oscar Piastri – McLaren
Zhou Guanyu – Alfa Romeo
Valtteri Bottas – Alfa Romeo
Fernando Alonso – Aston Martin
Lance Stroll – Aston Martin
Kevin Magnussen – Haas
Nico Hulkenberg – Haas
Yuki Tsunoda – AlphaTauri
Nyck de Vries – AlphaTauri
Daniel Ricciardo – AlphaTauri
Logan Sargeant – Williams
Alex Albon – Williams

How many laps are there in the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix is 260.286 kilometers long (174.16 miles) consisting of 78 laps of the 3.337-kilometer (2.07-mile) circuit.

How long does the Monaco Grand Prix last?

The Monaco Grand Prix typically lasts between one hour and forty minutes and two hours. At the 2023 race, Max Verstappen’s winning time was 1:48:51.

How many turns are in the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Circuit de Monaco consists of 19 turns.

How fast do the cars go in the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix may be the most iconic race on the calendar but it’s far from the fastest. Average speed on the circuit is around 150 km/h, with maximum speed around 290 km/h. The slowest part of the Monaco Grand Prix street circuit is the hairpin Fairmont turn, where the cars decelerate to 50 km/h.

Who won the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing is the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix Champion. This was his second win in Monaco, he was also victorious in 2021.

What does the Monaco Grand Prix winner get?

Unlike many sporting events, there is no specific prize purse for individual F1 Grand Prix races. Instead, there is one prize pot that is divvied up to F1 teams at the end of the season, based on the final standings.

When was the first Monaco Grand Prix?

The first Monaco Grand Prix was run April 14, 1929. It was added to the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship in 1950.

Who won the first Monaco Grand Prix?

The winner of the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929 was William Grover-Williams. The first driver to claim victory in Monaco after it was incorporated into the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship in 1950 was Giuseppe “Nino” Farina.

What is the Triple Crown of Motorsport?

The Triple Crown of Motorsport is comprised of three of the most prestigious automobile races in the world: Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Monaco Grand Prix. Currently Graham Hill is the only driver who has achieved the elusive triple crown.

Can you watch the Monaco Grand Prix from a yacht?

Yes, watching the race from an upscale yacht is one of the most glamourous ways to do Monaco. We are proud to offer a wide range of race viewing and hospitality options for the Monaco Grand Prix, including the exclusive comfort of a circuit-berthed yacht.

Where to watch the Monaco Grand Prix?

With the Monaco Grand Prix being a road circuit that winds through the principality, there are a great many and varied vantage points to view from. It very much comes down to personal preference. Being on a circuit-berthed yacht has a particular vibe and attraction for many guests. The vantage point of a terrace, which is normally a residence with a unique position on the circuit, provides some of the best overall views. Some of the five-star hotels offer views and outstanding hospitality and catering many find appealing. And venues like the Paddock Club or team hospitality offer the chance to go through the pits. The vast array of options in Monaco creates many opportunities to pick your preferred spot. Talk to one of our Monaco experts to find your perfect match.

What is the weather like at the Monaco Grand Prix?

Late spring weather in Monaco is typically comfortable and well-suited to race viewing. Average daily temperatures at the end of May range from 15-22°C (59-72°F).

Where is the best place to stay in Monaco for the Monaco Grand Prix?

One of the most important things to consider for your Monaco Grand Prix experience is where to stay. Fortunately, Monaco has wonderful accommodations and we’ve secured some of its best:

Hotel Hermitage – It’s hard to top the sophisticated elegance of the stunning Hotel Hermitage. This Belle Epoque palace is one of the grande dames of Monaco hotels and is perfectly placed in the heart of Monte Carlo.

Le Meridien Beach Plaza – Offering a more relaxed atmosphere, Le Meridien Beach Plaza is located beachfront with lovely views of the Mediterranean. Boasting a chic vibe, it offers a quieter location away from the action of Casino Square.

Some of our guests also choose to stay in Nice, approximately 20 kilometers away from Monaco.

What are the best restaurants in Monaco?

The wonderful restaurants in Monte Carlo are one of the best parts of traveling for the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is home to six Michelin-starred restaurants including:
– Le Blue Bay
– Yoshi
– La Table d’Antonio Salvatore au Rampoldi
– Le Grill
– Pavyllon
– Le Louis XV

In addition to its Michelin-starred restaurants, Monaco boasts a long list of wonderful eateries worthy of a visit. We’ve detailed some of our favorites in our Monaco Travel Guide.

What is there to do in Monaco other than the Grand Prix?

While the Grand Prix gets most of the attention on race weekend, there is plenty to see and do during your stay in Monaco. For starters, we suggest:

Palais du Prince – If you’re able, walk up the narrow cobblestone streets of Monte Carlo to this magnificent piece of architecture, home to the ruling Grimaldi family for over 700 years. Don’t forget to soak up the stunning views.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – As one of the most famous casinos in the world, even non-gamblers will be impressed by this 150+ year-old famed institution and its extraordinary Belle Epoque décor.

Oceanographic Museum – Near the Palais du Prince, this impressive museum is built on cliffside rock, making the exterior as impressive as the thousands of marine species inside.

Exotic Garden of Monaco – Check out one of the world’s most extensive collections of exotic succulents and other plants that have been brought in from all over the world.

Explore the restaurant scene – Monaco is home to incredible dining, from casual to Michelin starred. We’re happy to make recommendations for our Grand Prix guests.

Discover more of our favorite things about Monaco in our luxury travel guide.

What celebrities are at the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix is a hotspot for celebrities from around the globe. In 2023, famous faces at the event included:

Tom Holland
Orlando Bloom
Michael Douglas
Catherin Zeta-Jones
James Marsden
David Harbour
Christian Horner
Kylie Minogue
Maria Sharapova
Chris Rock
Romesh Ranganathan

Is the Monte Carlo Casino open during the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monte Carlo Casino is open Grand Prix weekend with very regular hours. You can find more information about the casino including the conditions of entry here.

How to dress for the Monaco Grand Prix? Is there a dress code?

Though there is no official dress code at the Monaco Grand Prix, most spectators will dress fashionably in smart attire. Comfortable shoes and a light jacket are key wardrobe staples on race day. Some private venues may have their own specific dress codes.

Can you walk the Monaco Grand Prix circuit?

Yes, you can walk the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. This famous race takes place on the streets of Monte Carlo. Each morning of Grand Prix weekend, the streets are closed off to traffic and pedestrians to allow for practice, qualifying, or the big race, then reopened to the public in the evening.

How to attend the Monaco Grand Prix?

Roadtrips offers comprehensive travel packages to the Monaco Grand Prix that are customized to each party’s preferences. Our Monaco Travel Packages are designed with top Monaco hotels, and extensive selection of race viewing possibilities, VIP hospitality options, and much more.

Where should I travel after the Monaco Grand Prix?

Monaco is located in one of the most beautiful corners of our planet. As such, many travelers will include a post-Grand Prix excursion to a nearby destination. Popular choices include France, Italy, and Switzerland. Our pre-travel specialists are happy to assist our guests with recommendations based on personal preferences.