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The Company

Since 1992, Roadtrips has been known for its outstanding service and dedication to great customer experiences that have truly made it a world leader in providing “The Ultimate in Sports Travel” for individual travelers, travel agent partners, and the incentive and promotion industries. Roadtrips hosts thousands of guests every year to the most exclusive sporting events in the world and provides service for some of North America’s largest companies including many Fortune 500 firms.

The Opportunity

These hosts will be responsible for assisting Roadtrips’ clients in cooperation with our Canadian host teams onsite in Tokyo. This will include greeting guests at their respective hotels, assisting with client hospitality, accompanying guests to events or venues as needed and providing general onsite support and assistance.

The majority of Roadtrips’ clients are English-speaking, and for many it will be their first time in Tokyo. They will be relying on our hosts for assistance and information onsite.

Skills and personality requirements:

• Fluency in English and Japanese with strong communication skills
• Well presented with experience in hospitality
• Familiarity with Western culture and preferably experience working in North America
• Personable, confident, quick-thinking and flexible
• Hardworking and willing to go the extra mile
• Effective decision-making skills
• Good with directions and understanding of logistics
• Familiarity with Tokyo
• Ability to remain poised under pressure and able to create solutions to pressing issues quickly and effectively
• Positive work ethic and team collaboration skills

Compensation and Term:

This is a contract position from approximately July 21st – August 10th, 2020. Additionally, the job will require mandatory attendance on two or three training days in the months leading up to the Summer Games. During the event, hours can be long and flexibility is required. Along with a fixed amount of compensation, hosts often enjoy additional benefits that include socializing with our guests, a clothing allowance, staff functions and attending Summer Games events if possible.

Please send letter and resume to Sam Buffie at