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At Roadtrips, the health and welfare of our guests and our staff is of top priority. For more than 29 years, we have been committed to delivering nothing but excellence for our guests through completely customized luxury sports travel experiences. We are closely monitoring how COVID-19 is affecting the various sporting events we offer, and have been communicating the information with our guests or their travel advisors as we receive official statements from the organizers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about a currently booked or a brand new sports travel experience.

In the interest of public safety and the wellbeing of our team, our staff are currently working from home offices. We remain dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and are available to you throughout this unprecedented situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about a currently booked or a brand new sports travel experience. We wish you the best and hope you and yours stay safe and healthy.

Roadtrips guests traveling to upcoming events can feel secure knowing that we will have a detailed custom health and safety plan in place for each specific sporting event. We are monitoring and collecting information from our local partners, suppliers, and venues as well as consulting with local and state governments to keep up to date with the most recent health and safety guidelines for each destination. As each custom plan is constantly evolving, all of our guests can expect to be notified electronically with our current health and safety plan for their event prior to departure by their pre-travel personal concierge. In addition, our experienced on-site host team will continue to keep guests informed with any applicable updates during their trip.

Below is the list of sporting events that have been rescheduled or canceled:
2020 Masters – RESCHEDULED to November 9-15, 2020 (No Spectators)
2020 Preakness Stakes – RESCHEDULED to October 2-4, 2020 (No Spectators)
2020 Kentucky Derby – RESCHEDULED to September 3-6, 2020 (No Spectators)
2020 Spanish Grand Prix – RESCHEDULED to August 16 (No Spectators)
2020 PGA Championship – RESCHEDULED To August 6-10, 2020 (No Spectators)
2020 French Open – RESCHEDULED to September 20 – October 4, 2020
2020 Euro – RESCHEDULED to June 11 – July 11, 2021
2020 Champions League Final – RESCHEDULED to August 21-24, 2020
2020 Summer Games – RESCHEDULED to July 23 – August 8, 2021 (No International Spectators)
2020 Indy 500 – RESCHEDULED to August 21-24, 2020 (No Spectators)
2020 Wimbledon Championships – CANCELLED
2020 US Open Golf – RESCHEDULED To September 17-21, 2020 (No Spectators)
2020 Canadian Grand Prix – CANCELLED
2020 Belmont Stakes – RESCHEDULED to June 20 (No Spectators)
2020 US Open Tennis – AS SCHEDULED (No Spectators)
2020 Italian Grand Prix – AS SCHEDULED (No Spectators)
2020 Stanley Cup Finals – POSTPONED, New Dates TBA
2020 Singapore Grand Prix – CANCELLED
2020 MLB All-Star Game – CANCELLED
2020 US Grand Prix – CANCELLED
2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – AS SCHEDULED (No Spectators)
2021 Rose Bowl – AS SCHEDULED (No Spectators)
2021 NHL All-Star Game – POSTPONED
2021 Australian Open – RESCHEDULED to February 8-21, 2021
2021 Canadian Grand Prix – CANCELLED

While we don’t influence the policy of these major sporting events, we want to be advocates for our clients and we share the disappointment of fans and everyone associated when an event is cancelled or rescheduled. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates to our guests if there are any changes to our other currently scheduled events.