With an unusually active winter just wrapping up, not many of us want to start thinking of the next one already.  But since next winter happens to be a Winter Games year, you can never start too early!

The 2014 Winter Games will be hosted in the beautiful city of Sochi, Russia.  Before you start shivering, keep in mind that Sochi is actually a resort city on the Black Sea and has a much milder winter climate than most of us associate with Russia.  Sochi also has a lot to see and do besides watching the various Olympic events.  Here are some exciting things to see as a tourist in Sochi during the 2014 Winter Games.

The Venues

No list of what to see in Sochi would be complete without mentioning the venues.  The Olympic Park, known as the Coastal Cluster, is near the Black Sea and will connect all the coastal Olympic venues to each other.  They are all within walking distance from another, and include the venues for ice hockey, curling, speed skating and figure skating.

Five Winter Games venues will be situated in the Caucasus Mountains in the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort area.  This area is also called the Mountain Cluster and all of the outdoor venues are located here.  They include skiing, snowboarding, luge, skeleton, bobsleigh and biathlon.

Historical Sites & Monuments

Sochi has a rich history, and some of the most important historical sites and monuments in Russia are located here.  They include:

  • Stalin’s summer residence
  • Godlik Fortress
  • Loo Temple
  • Many Stalinist-period style structures
  • Anchor and Cannon monument
  • Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin monument
  • The Golden Fleece
  • Singing Fountains
  • Zavokzalny War Memorial


Sochi is also rich in natural beauty, and boasts many parks and natural attractions that many tourists will love. Discover the beauty of this host city next winter with a custom Winter Games package that includes tours to the top attractions. Some of the most popular include:

  • Riviera Park
  • Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
  • Park of Southern Cultures
  • Frunze Park
  • Aquarium and Marine Zoo
  • Adler Dolphinarium
  • Monkey Nursery Center


If a little culture is your thing between catching the events, Sochi also has its share of museums to explore.  When you have some spare time, check out:

  • Sochi History Museum
  • Sochi Museum of Art
  • A.A.C. Art Gallery of Wood Plastic
  • Museum of Sochi Sport Honour

No matter where your interests lay, Roadtrips can help you create the perfect 2014 Winter Games package tailored to your favourite events and cultural attractions. Contact us to book your custom travel package today!

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