One thing that elevates our guests’ travel experiences is that we bring in local hosts to help us explore the very best of every destination that we go to.

Leila1Leila Savary is from Rio. She’s an actress and television host. She’s also one of our local hosts for the Summer Games, and we know that our guests are going to adore hanging out with her as much as we do. We asked her to share some of her thoughts on Rio, and here’s what she had to say:

What are some of your favorite places in the city?

“Rio has such wonderful landscapes to explore, and you can best do this by taking one of the many day tours to enjoy the city view and lifestyle. I love visiting Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, where you can bike around the lagoon and then make a stop at corte do cantagalo for a picnic.

There are also hikes, such as Pedra Bonita, Floresta da Tijuca and Horto trails.

Going up Sugarloaf is a must, and then a stop at Bar Urca for Brazilian appetizers and a wonderful sunset.

Ipanema Beach is also something everyone must do, and while you’re there have lunch at Lapamaki (a Japanese restaurant) and end the day at Arpoador rock for a breathtaking sunset. You must also see the historic Forte de Copacabana, and I love Colombo Café, it’s a very nice spot for a sweets and coffee with the Copacabana beach view.

Santa Teresa is also fabulous, be sure to take a historical walking tour around and stop for lunch at Aprazível.

Downtown visit the Tomorrow Museum, MAR Museum, and head to Cais do Oriente for lunch. Take a walk around Leblon, the city’s most affluent neighborhood and a stop at a Juice Store.”

What’s the thing about Rio that you most like to share with visitors?

“Our lifestyle! The outdoors and laid back carioca lifestyle, which consists of enjoying the day, the nice weather, the beach and contemplating the city with friends and family.”

What is your absolute favorite restaurant in Rio?

“Gula Gula! Then follows: Braseiro da Gávea, Fratelli, Lapamaki, Bráz, Aprazível, Cais do Oriente and Chácara Tropical (amazing brunch and seafood).”

Leila is just one of our local hosts, stay tuned for more Rio tips from our other hosts on blogs to come. Ready to book your dream trip to the Summer Games? Contact us now to start planning and have the best accommodations, tickets, and experiences while you’re there.



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