Andrea Costa Lima is an actress and model who splits her time between Rio, LA, and Sydney. We were fortunate to have her help host guests at the Rio World Cup in 2014, and are absolutely thrilled that Andrea will be with us in Rio once again for the Summer Games. We asked her to share some of her favorite parts of the city with us for today’s blog post.

Andrea Costa LimaSo Andrea, what is your favorite thing to do in Rio?

My favorite thing to do in Rio is to be outdoors. The beach, hiking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, walking along the beach front. That would have to be my favorite thing. Anything that allows me to be active, and the best part about Rio, is that your choices are endless. You can either be sitting out in the ocean, catching your next wave, or sitting at a restaurant on the waters edge enjoy the view whilst enjoying your freshly caught fish.

What is the thing about Rio that you most like to share with visitors?

The thing that I most like to share with visitors would be its outdoor culture. Brazilians have an amazing lifestyle. They are extremely active, social, and know how to make a party out of any situation.

Whether it be a party at the beach, sipping on a cold beer while watching the surf pump, or at a locals house inviting you to a barbecue after the beach, or going into town in Lapa to stand under the stars and listen to live music to mingle with friends and tourists, Brazilians really know how to live their life to the fullest. Their active, social and passionate ways always make your days more colorful. What would normally be just a simple walk down the street, almost always can turn into a walk that you may never want to forget.

The beautiful walk from Arpoador to Leblon is a must see for visitors. The beautiful beaches filled with fit beautiful people, doing their outdoor activities. You can walk along the beach, stop at different kiosks along the way, grab a bike, lay in the sun, and watch the sunset on the Arpoador Rock to end the day. That is priceless.

Andrea blog montage

What is your favorite restaurant in Rio?

Borsalino in Barra – this place has it all. A classy yet casual environment, good looking people, but most importantly great service. No matter what time of day, whether it be for lunch or dinner, this restaurant really makes you feel comfortable in its environment and has fantastic chilled music and even better Italian food!!

Also, Don Pascual in Vargem Grande. It is an isolated hidden gem that is surrounded by forest, yet only a small trek from the main town. It is all wooden and has a cabin sort of feel to it, with a live pianist that plays in the evenings, and has the best oven baked pizzas in Rio!

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