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Here at Roadtrips we pride ourselves on the fact that the people we work with are just awesome. Because of this, we have a strong team and retain the wonderful people that come to work with us. We just had two more Roadtrips team members celebrate their 10 year anniversary of working with us –Accountant Sherry Ebner and Senior Account Executive Kris Huth. We asked them to reflect back on their years with us for this week’s blog post:

Sherry and her daughter June in Kauai in 2015, sad because we didn’t want to leave!

Sherry and her daughter June in Kauai in 2015, sad because we didn’t want to leave!

What is your role in the company and how has that changed over the years?

Sherry: I’m the accountant here, so the one who takes care of the recording and reporting of the financial happenings of Roadtrips. We always have new and exciting things on the go, so it’s never just bean-counting, there’s always something new around the corner that I’m needing to learn and figure out.

Kris: I work in the sales department and my role hasn’t changed in the time since I started other than new sporting events we offer.

How do you think the company has evolved in the decade you’ve been part of it? 

Sherry: Our President, Dave, ensures we are always evolving. I started right at the tail-end of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, which was Roadtrips’ first large event to take on, so we’ve grown so much and done so many amazing things since.

Kris: When I started we used to sell packages to regular season games for hockey, football, basketball and baseball, and of course the big major events, but now we almost only provide the major events and don’t do the smaller, regular season packages anymore. We also have a much bigger focus on international events like the World Cup and Summer/Winter Games than the domestic events.

What are your favorite sports, and sporting events to attend? 

Sherry: Soccer soccer soccer! The Montreal Canadiens game with Roadtrips in 2006 where one of the old players, Jean Beliveau I believe, made an appearance and the crowd stood and went crazy gave me chills and is something I will forever remember.

Kris: My favorite sports to watch are football, soccer and golf. My favorite sport to play is soccer and I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old. The best events I’ve attended is the World Cup both in South Africa and Brazil. I also have attended the Masters six times and love it!

Kris Ebner in the Black Forest, Germany while working with Roadtrips.

Kris in the Black Forest, Germany while working with Roadtrips.

What is it that makes people stay at Roadtrips so long? 

Sherry: I think it’s a great mix of sticking with what we’re good at enough that we feel confident in our ability to do a great job, with the excitement created by continuing to evolve in other areas.  We really are a great team and great family, and we all help one another out to make sure things are done well and our clients expectations are met and exceeded.

Kris: I think it’s the fact that we have a very cool and fun product and are a somewhat smaller company so everyone is so involved in the whole process here.

(If you were wondering who else has celebrated a decade of being part of the Roadtrips team, here’s the roll call: Dave Guenther, Jeff Wills, Kate Burzynski, Norm Wylie, and Brian Benci.)

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