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If you were with us at the Masters last year, or at the Summer Games in Rio, then you may have had the good fortune of hanging out with Dustin Kaylor, one of the newest members of the Roadtrips team. Kaylor joined the Roadtrips team in April 2015 as our Director of Business Development. “I wear a lot of hats, but mainly my job is to educate travel agents and the various consortiums that we are a part of about sports travel,” he says, “But outside of that I also take care of all our groups and incentives at travel trade shows around the world.”

Dustin KaylorKaylor is based in Colorado, but is pretty much always on the road, and had just arrived in Los Angeles from New York at the time of this interview. “I always try and make the most of the travel, and enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like work most of the time,” he says. Before coming to work with us, Kaylor was with a South American tour operator, working on World Cup packages for Rio – a country he had spent a lot of time in before that event, which helped him be a fantastic host for us by the time the Rio Summer Games rolled around.

Being at the Summer Games was an epic experience, and there were many highlights for Kaylor. “Seeing the interactions between the Roadtrips team, our local staff, and the guests, and seeing how everyone fell in love with Rio, and how any apprehension about the city just melted away, that was just the best,” he says.

There are plenty of upcoming events that Kaylor is looking forward to, with the America’s Cup in Bermuda at the top of the list right now. “Who doesn’t want to go spend a month in paradise?” he laughs, “That’s going to be just huge for me. Tokyo for the Summer Games  is of course going to be awesome too,” he adds.

Going to the World Cup in Russia is also a really big deal for him. “I love soccer, and have always been fascinated by Russia like most people my age who’ve lived through the Cold War. And the thing about the World Cup is that it makes you see a whole lot of the country – if you followed Team USA at the last World Cup you had to go all over Brazil,” he says.

Being in Rio as part of the Roadtrips team really gave Kaylor the opportunity to experience the Roadtrips difference. “I respect it so much, to have all the logistics taken care of, it takes away so much of the stress of traveling to somewhere that you don’t know the language, or that you’re unsure of,” he says. “We are not the cheapest option out there, and we certainly do not shy away from that, but we are absolutely the best value in the Sports Travel industry without a doubt.”

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