The past year has been epic for all of us here at Roadtrips. The Summer Games was incredible, exceeding all expectations, and we had a superb time in Rio. We sent teams to the best football games, tennis tournaments, auto-racing events, and much, much more. In this week’s blog post we asked our staff to comment on their highlights of last year, and the 2017 sports travel events they are most looking forward to.

Jeff Wills, Roadtrips Vice-President Marketing
Looking back: “On my third trip to Rio, I really felt like I finally got to know the city well. The local co-hosts that worked with us at the Summer Games introduced me to many off the beaten path places that helped me have that authentic experience that so many travelers crave. I had so much fun I am bringing the family back for Spring Break.”
Looking forward: “In 2017, I am most looking forward to the tennis grand slam events (Australian, French, Wimbledon and US) as I think this is the year that Raonic will finally get his first Grand Slam title.”

Greg Enns, Roadtrips Project Manager
Looking back: “One of the coolest experiences that I had this year was attending a pre-game tailgate party at the Super Bowl with our Roadtrips guests. There were at least 20 current NFL players in attendance, the food was prepared by Guy Fieri and other celebrity chefs, and the whole event was emceed by Erin Andrews from ESPN. A great way to start the day of the Big Game!”
Looking forward: “I’m looking forward to hosting our guests at the Super Bowl again and hoping that my New York Giants will make a playoff run and join me in Houston in February.”

Lauren Lehotsky, Roadtrips Event Co-ordinator
Looking back: “The Kentucky Derby was my highlight of 2016. I love picking out my hat to go with my Derby outfit! It’s a great way to start your trip – settle into downtown Louisville and start shopping for the perfect, locally designed hat or fascinator to get into the spirit of the Derby and join in on the pageantry. And then getting to check out everyone else’s hat selection on derby day… it’s a ton of fun to get fancy, enjoy some juleps and take in all Churchill Downs has to offer.”
Looking forward: “I am looking forward to America’s Cup. It’s a newer sport for us and as an event co-ordinator who’s been with Roadtrips for over 8 years, I like the challenge of learning about a new sport and new event. And nowhere can beat the beautiful location of Bermuda.”

Sam Buffie, Roadtrips Special Events Manager
Looking back: “It was a thrill to host Super Bowl 50 in February. On game day, I just remember being outside Levi’s Stadium and hearing Lady Gaga sing the national anthem – her voice was so powerful it gave me shivers. The atmosphere was just electric, this event is so important in the sporting world and I loved every minute of being right in the middle of it all.”
Looking forward: “I’m looking forward to the America’s Cup. It’s a pretty unique event, and coupled with Bermuda playing host, it’s proving to be very popular for us. Sailing draws excited, prestigious and well-travelled fans, so it’ll be a pleasure to help plan their trips and ensure they have a great time on the ground.”

Kris Huth, Roadtrips Senior Account Executive
Looking back: “My highlight was when I arrived in Rio for hosting the Summer Games and got to see all of the Brazilian hosts again that I first met at the 2014 World Cup.”
Looking forward: “The event in 2017 I’m most looking forward to is the Super Bowl. I’m a Patriots fan and I’m really hoping my team is playing for another championship.”

Alison Baker, Roadtrips Sales and Marketing Assistant
Looking back: “As the team member who receives all of our client reviews, the highlight of my year was seeing them pour in after the Rio Summer Games. To hear that we’ve made someone’s honeymoon even more memorable than they were hoping or learning that we have young clients who now want to be Roadtrips Hosts when they grow up, that’s absolutely the best part of the job. To know that we’ve made a difference in someone’s travel experience makes me so proud to be a part of the Roadtrips team. That sounds so incredibly cheesy but it’s true.”
Looking forward: “Sailing has never topped my list of favorite sports, yet the event I’m most looking forward to in the new year is the America’s Cup in Bermuda. The more I hear about this amazing event and all the cool viewing options we are privy to, the more excited I get. The destination is one that’s already on my bucket list, and to be able to watch a world-class sporting event surrounded by Bermuda’s crystal-clear waters and pink sand beaches sounds pretty perfect to me.”

Kate Burzynski, Roadtrips Guest Services Manager
Looking back: “My highlight of 2016 was hosting the Indianapolis 500. It was the 100th running and the atmosphere was electric. I loved taking the police escort to the race and hearing the cars race around the track. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.”
Looking forward: “The event that I’m looking forward to most in 2017 is the America’s Cup. It’s been fun learning about the sport and Bermuda is a beautiful location. It’s going to be a great event.”

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