We’d like to introduce another of our fabulous local hosts for the Summer Games – 25-year-old pharmacy student Patrícia Wink. As a former beach volleyball player and lover of all sports, she is super excited to be involved in making the Roadtrips Summer Games experience a fantastic one for all of our guests.

Patrícia lives in the Barra neighborhood, and says that the 10-minute walk to the beach is her favourite thing about living there. “I can workout every morning in the sand, have a coconut water, come by just to watch the sunset … and now I’m learning how to play Footvolley!” she says.

We chatted with Patrícia so that you could find out her views on the city she loves, and some of the things that you can look forward to when you arrive.

patriciaWhat is the vibe like in Rio right now? Is there a lot of excitement about the upcoming games?

“Rio is a very sporty city, so everybody is really looking forward to the games. As more of our athletes have qualified for the games, and people have been cheering for their favorite athletes, the excitement level has risen. I watched the judo and volleyball qualifiers in the new Summer Games venues and everything looks amazing!”

When people first get to Rio, what are three things that they must try?

“First: The view. Sugarloaf and Corcovado are definitely a must, and if you can make a quick stop at Mirante Dona Marta on your way to Corcovado then you get the 3 best views of Rio, it’s breathtaking.

Second: Eat typical Brazilian food in Santa Teresa. Go to the very informal, bohemian and traditional Bar do Mineiro for the best feijoada or to the more sophisticated Aprazível, for amazing food and a gorgeous view.

Third: Jump in the ocean! Even in the winter we have pretty warm sunny days, so enjoy the swimming, and to top it off, drink a coconut water by the beach.”

What events at the games are you most looking forward to watching?

“Beach Volleyball, as I have some friends playing and it will be held at one of its birth places, Copacabana Beach. Swimming, just to have Michael Phelps come out of retirement and swim his fifth Olympics here in Rio is reason enough. Tennis, because The Olympic gold medal in singles is the only thing missing in Roger Federer’s stellar career and I really hope he gets it here. I guess you know by now I’d like to watch everything, right?”

Do you have a favorite spot in Rio to watch the sunset?

“I’m a sunset lover. During the summer I go watch the sunset here at Barra beach almost everyday. Really. But the most special spot in Rio to watch the sunset is definitely at Pedra do Arpoador. As soon as the sun disappears on the horizon everybody applauds and it’s just an amazing vibe.”

When you head to the beach in Rio, what do you do there? And where is your favorite beach?

“Well, it depends. Sometimes I like to just sit with a book and chill. I also like to do sports, so I head there to play beach volleyball, footvolley, I’ve had surfing lessons and even done Yoga at the beach.

My favorite beach is Grumari. It’s a beautiful secluded beach inside a natural reserve 30min from Barra, and a place where you can’t believe that you’re still inside the city.”

Ready to explore Rio with us? We’ve got the perfect Summer Games packages for you and your family. From accommodations, flights, tickets, and superb excursions, we’ll take care of everything and make sure you have the absolute best time. 


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