Traveler & Travel Advisor Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars  

Way back in 1992, Roadtrips’ President and Founder Dave Guenther took his deep-seeded passion for sports and travel and created Roadtrips. Throughout the last 25+ years, Dave’s remained completely hands on when it comes to creating amazing travel experiences for his clients. As a lifelong traveller, he still enjoys spending time traveling the world (often scouting destinations for Roadtrips events) with his family. He’s a lover of great food and top end hotels, something that will come as no surprise to anyone who’s travelled with Roadtrips to a major sporting event.

Today, Dave continues to cast a vision for bespoke and responsible service to customers. As the head of the company, he is the ambassador of the Roadtrips philosophy—a pledge to tailor the company’s highly personalized responses to exceed customers’ expectations—and leads his team’s efforts to further develop the company’s global focus. Dave’s commitment to excellent customer service, outstanding personalized travel experiences and athletics have allowed him to lead a strong team and Roadtrips to flourish.

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