Everyone here at Roadtrips is excited for the 2013 Super Bowl… of course for the exciting game, halftime show and great atmosphere, but also for the delicious New Orleans food! There are many places where you can grab something to eat around the event, but there are very few restaurants that rise up to this exclusive occasion. Here’s our list of favourite restaurants you can’t miss if you ever find yourself in New Orleans.
1.      Nola

Nola New Orleans


A distinctive and casual restaurant located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Nola features an eclectic menu that joins the essence of the Creole and Acadian cuisine with sporadic ethnic accents. Recognized for its rustic cooking style, Nola brings into play Southern Cajun, Vietnamese and Southwestern cuisines adapted to Louisiana traditions.


Try this: Hickory Roasted Duck with Whiskey-Caramel Glaze, Buttermilk Cornbread Pudding, Haricot Verts-Fire Roasted Corn Salad, Natural Jus and Candied Pecans

For more information about Nola and to view its enticing menus, visit http://www.emerilsrestaurants.com/nola-restaurant

2.      Delmonico

Delmonico New Orleans


Delmonico has been the symbol of New Orleans’ traditional Creole cuisine for over a century. Established in 1895 and reopened by Emeril Lagasse in 1998, Delmonico combines the modern Louisiana cuisine with a cordial and welcoming service and a beautiful setting.  Emeril’s Delmonico embodies the entire history of the local restaurant industry and remains a legendary name in Creole cuisine.


Try This: Emeril’s Barbecued Shrimp with Baked Grit Cake

For more information about Delmonico and its Creole-inspired menu, visit http://www.emerils.com/restaurant/3/Emerils-Delmonico/welcome.

3.      Cochon

Cochon New Orleans

Located in a beautiful, rustic and fashionable setting, Cochon serves traditional Cajun Southern dishes using fresh seafood and locally sourced pork and produce. Focusing on traditional cooking methods, Chef Link is renowned for his ability to create genuine flavors that reflect the spirit of the Cajun Country.


Try This: Louisiana Cochon with Turnips, Cabbage, Pickled Peaches & Cracklins


For more information about Cochon and its Cajun dishes, visit http://www.cochonrestaurant.com/

4.      Galatoire’s

Galatoire's New Orleans


Galatoire’s holds a reputation for excellence in the French Creole culinary industry of New Orleans. A family owned business, Galatoire’s was first launched in 1905 and has been serving customers with exquisite Creole dishes in a traditional setting ever since. As one of the few authentic old-line restaurants, Galatoire’s honors its long-established clientele with exceptional cuisine and unparalleled service.

Try This: Grilled Poisson Provençal


For more information about Galatoire’s and to view its menu, visit http://www.galatoires.com/

5.      Dickie Brennan’s  Steakhouse

Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse New Orleans

The Super Bowl is the best occasion to try a complete dining experience at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, a place where beef preparation is truly an art. Customers are treated with the famous New Orleans hospitality and enjoy the service of their expert staff in a beautiful and warm setting. Delicious grilled chops, seared strips, oven roasted prime ribs, and broiled filets embody the very essence of steak preparation with a New Orleans touch.


Try This: House Filet served with creamed spinach and Pontalba potatoes, topped with flash-fried Louisiana oysters and finished with béarnaise sauce


For more information about Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse and to make reservations, visit http://www.dickiebrennanssteakhouse.com/

6.      Bayona
Bayona New Orleans

Bayona welcomes clients in a distinguished setting made up of three unique dining rooms that combine the Mediterranean style of the Dyer Room, the stained glass accents of the Bayona Room and the gorgeous flower arrangements of the main dining room. The French Creole dishes can also be served on a traditional patio with beautiful gardens.


Try This: Peppered Lamb Loin and Goat Cheese in Zinfandel Sauce


For more information about Bayona and its enticing menus, please visit http://www.bayona.com/

7.      Stella Restaurant

Stella New Orleans

A restaurant created by Scott Boswell as a place of globally inspired flavors, Stella Restaurant captures the grace of the French cuisine, the minimalism of Italian cuisine and the sharpness of Asian cuisine presented with a bold Creole twist. With an impressive culinary repertoire, Stella Restaurant honors its customers with beautiful dishes made to entice the senses.


Try This: Louisiana Red Snapper, Gulf Shrimp, Mussels, Squid, Clams, Scallops Bok Choy, Young Coconut Milk, & Kafir Lime


For more information about Stella Restaurant and their globally-inspired menu, visit http://www.restaurantstella.com/


Are you looking for more restaurant recommendations for your upcoming trip to New Orleans? Contact the team at Roadtrips – we’d be happy to let you know about some more of our favourite spots! Haven’t booked your Super Bowl travel experience yet? Get a custom trip quote here.

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