2018 World Cup Match Schedule

Don’t miss a minute of the 2018 World Cup action in Russia with this handy 2018 World Cup Schedule. Every World Cup match and every venue courtesy of the Roadtrips team.

1A1 v A214-JunMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
2A3 v A415-JunYekaterinburgCentral Stadium
3B1 v B215-JunSochiFisht Olympic Stadium
4B3 v B415-JunSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
5C1 v C216-JunKazanKazan Arena
6C3 v C416-JunSaranskMordovia-Arena
7D1 v D216-JunMoscowSpartak Stadium
8D3 v D416-JunKaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
9E1 v E217-JunRostov-on-DonLevberdon Arena
10E3 v E417-JunSamaraCosmos Arena
11F1 v F217-JunMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
12F3 v F418-JunNizhny NovgorodStrelka Stadium
13G1 v G218-JunSochiFisht Olympic Stadium
14G3 v G418-JunVolgogradCentral Stadium
15H1 v H219-JunMoscowSpartak Stadium
16H3 v H419-JunSaranskMordovia-Arena
17A1 v A319-JunSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
18A4 v A220-JunRostov-on-DonLevberdon Arena
19B1 v B320-JunMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
20B4 v B220-JunKazanKazan Arena
21C1 v C321-JunKaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
22C4 v C221-JunSamaraCosmos Arena
23D1 v D321-JunNizhny NovgorodStrelka Stadium
24D4 v D222-JunVolgogradCentral Stadium
25E1 v E322-JunSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
26E4 v E222-JunYekaterinburgCentral Stadium
27F1 v F323-JunSochiFisht Olympic Stadium
28F4 v F223-JunRostov-on-DonLevberdon Arena
29G1 v G323-JunMoscowSpartak Stadium
30G4 v G224-JunNizhny NovgorodStrelka Stadium
31H1 v H324-JunKazanKazan Arena
32H4 v H224-JunKaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
33A4 v A125-JunSamaraCosmos Arena
34A2 v A325-JunVolgogradCentral Stadium
35B4 v B125-JunSaranskMordovia-Arena
36B2 v B325-JunYekaterinburgCentral Stadium
37C4 v C126-JunMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
38C2 v C326-JunSochiFisht Olympic Stadium
39D4 v D126-JunSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
40D2 v D326-JunRostov-on-DonLevberdon Arena
41E4 v E127-JunMoscowSpartak Stadium
42E2 v E327-JunNizhny NovgorodStrelka Stadium
43F4 v F127-JunKazanKazan Arena
44F2 v F327-JunKaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
45G4 v G128-JunYekaterinburgCentral Stadium
46G2 v G328-JunSaranskMordovia-Arena
47H4 v H128-JunVolgogradCentral Stadium
48H2 v H328-JunSamaraCosmos Arena
491A v 2B30-JunSochiFisht Olympic Stadium
501C v 2D30-JunKazanKazan Arena
511B v 2A1-JulMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
521D v 2C1-JulNizhny NovgorodStrelka Stadium
531E v 2F2-JulSamaraCosmos Arena
541G v 2H2-JulRostov-on-DonLevberdon Arena
551F v 2E3-JulSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
561H v 2G3-JulMoscowSpartak Stadium
57W49 v W506-JulNizhny NovgorodStrelka Stadium
58W53 v W546-JulKazanKazan Arena
59W51 v W527-JulSochiFisht Olympic Stadium
60W55 v W567-JulSamaraCosmos Arena
61W57 v W5810-JulSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
62W59 v W6011-JulMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
63L61 v L6214-JulSaint PetersburgZenit Arena
64W61 v W6215-JulMoscowLuzhniki Stadium
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