Top 5 Places to Visit in Moscow

Red Square and the Kremlin

red_square_smallOne of the first places to visit in Moscow for many visitors is Red Square’s and it’s popularity is well deserved. Smack dab in the center of the city (most of Moscow’s major streets originate there) Red Square is bordered by the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s tomb, and the beloved GUM department store. Clearly there’s plenty to see here and there always seems to be lots going on. During the World Cup, Red Square will certainly be the one of the hot spots.

The Kremlin complex serves as home to the President and while some of it is off limits, lots of it is open and worthy of a visit. Explore cathedrals, ancient buildings, the stately bell tower, or the Armoury. If you’re planning to visit, take note that it is closed on Thursdays.

St Basil’s Cathedral

st-basilWhile you’re in Red Square, don’t forget to check out St. Basil’s Cathedral (not like you could miss it). St. Basil’s Cathedral is an architectural marvel, a stunning creation that is even more impressive in person. It’s worth a visit just to admire the exterior but inside is a whole other experience as you can make your way through a maze of intricately decorated halls and cathedrals as well as a museum.

Tretyakov Gallery

tretyakov-smallFeaturing one thousand years’ worth of Russian art, there’s no better spot for art lovers in Moscow. Named after its founder, Russian merchant Pavel Tretyakov, the gallery is world-famous and centrally-located, just over a mile south of Red Square.

Bolshoi Theatre

bolshoi-theatreThough its predecessors date way back to the year 1776, the current Bolshoi theatre opened in 1825 and clearly has seen its share of history. A massive renovation was completed in 2011, improving on this already spectacular building. This repertory theatre hosts shows by the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet as well as the Bolshoi Opera, both of which are a must for any fan of the arts. Tickets sell out months in advance so be sure to plan ahead if you don’t want to miss out. Roadtrips’ Pre-travel Concierges are happy to help with this. If you can’t make a performance, tours of the theatre are also available and definitely a worthy way to spend an afternoon.

Gorky Park

gorky-parkWhether you’re travelling on your own, with your partner or with the family, Gorky Park is a fun place to visit. It’s the main greenspace in Central Moscow, a huge 300-acre park on the banks of the Moskva River. There are plenty of ways to keep active with sports like volleyball and cycling (bike rentals are available) and plenty of ways to relax and people-watch. There’s a carousel for the kids (or the kids at heart) and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat.

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