Moscow Travel Tips

As the capital of the largest country in the world, Moscow is a intriguing city with a rich history. There’s an endless list of things to see and do and a sophistication that is often surprising to western guests. During the World Cup, the city will be at its best and our experienced onsite host team will be available to help you navigate your way through it all.

As is usual when traveling outside of our familiar surroundings, there are always challenges present, often stemming from differing customs and common practices, but with some preparation and a willingness to be flexible, travellers will quickly learn to enjoy the best of this fascinating destination. One of the great things about travelling with Roadtrips is our team of professional hosts comprised of international sporting event experts and local hosts. Not only will our team help you navigate the ins and outs of attending the World Cup in Russia but they’ll also help you see this amazing country through the eyes of the Russian people.

We at Roadtrips want to help set your expectations and do whatever we can to ensure that you are prepared for Moscow’s challenges and triumphs, and to create the best possible experience for our World Cup guests.

Roadtrips made my husband's dream come true at the World Cup in Brazil. Talk about white glove treatment! Every aspect of this trip was professionally and expertly handled from start to finish. All staff members were friendly and courteous. They couldn't do enough for us. Our VIP viewing room, complete with complimentary food & beverage, was over and above. I have highly recommended Roadtrips to family, friends, colleagues and clients! Next on my husband's list, The Masters!
— Celeste Kaye