Getting to Moscow

Moscow just happens to be the biggest gateway into Russia, which makes arranging travel to Moscow straightforward. There are a number of direct flights from major North American cities into Moscow and many more that will connect through Europe. Most international flights arrive into either Domodedovo International Airport (DME), located 26 miles south of the city or Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), located 18 miles northwest of the city. For major events such as the World Cup, flights fill up quickly and we recommend booking your early to secure your preferred routing and schedule.

Most visitors to Russia normally require a visa, including American and Canadian citizens. However, the Russian Government has stated that there will be reduced requirements during the World Cup in 2018. For details on the visa requirements and the process of how to obtain one, you can contact your local Russian Consulate directly or ask the Roadtrips At-Your-Service Desk for details. In addition, as always before travelling internationally, don’t forget to pack your valid passport.

For helpful information and tips for traveling to Moscow, check out the links on the right. If you want to experience the highly anticipated 2018 World Cup, click here to learn more about our first class packages.

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