London Travel Guide


It’s one of the world’s most visited cities and after you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why. This sport-mad city is chock full of things to do and see, from first-class museums and galleries to designer shopping, and there are heaps of attractions and all things touristy. London has some of the top hotels and restaurants in the world and is a great destination for those seeking out the best of the best.

While the city is so quintessentially British, it is also incredibly diverse, with a third of the population having been born abroad. The multicultural aspect is a huge part of what makes London so unique; where else can you can get a taste of so many other ethnicities (sometimes literally at some of London’s wonderful restaurants) without the culture shock?

Between Wimbledon and the Summer Games, we’ve spent a lot of time in London and we want to pass along some of the things we’ve learned about this great city.

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