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Your Personally Customized 2016 Summer Games Package

You’ve seen what we can offer, but here at Roadtrips, we believe that no one knows what your ideal sports travel experience looks like better than you. For that reason, we offer customized travel and a consultative approach to help you create your perfect trip, one that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Here is what you can expect from Roadtrips:

Before you go…

We want to ensure that all your needs are met from the moment we answer your call or email. During the booking process, one of our knowledgeable sports travel specialists will answer any questions you might have and thoroughly go over all the details of your Summer Games experience including:

  • Your package inclusions
  • The payment schedule
  • When you can expect to receive your travel documents
  • What services our At-Your-Service Personal Concierges can offer

Within 24 hours of booking you can expect to hear from your dedicated At-Your-Service Personal Concierge. This exclusive service will be available to you throughout your Summer Games experience. Your Personal Concierge will do the following:

  • Introduce themselves and provide their contact information
  • Send you a copy of your invoice and booking confirmation via email or regular mail
  • Send you payment reminders a week prior to the due date as well as send updated invoices with each payment
  • Offer their assistance making restaurant reservations, tour bookings, or any other services that may enhance your experience
  • Send you our guest information requirements
  • Provide you with Brazilian visa information

Approximately 3 months prior to departure, your Personal Concierge will:

  • Send a copy of your final draft itinerary to review and adjust if necessary
  • Work with you to finalize any additional events, tours, or dinner reservations you may have added

In the month prior to your departure, your Personal Concierge will be in contact with you frequently to ensure you are well prepared and to finalize details of your trip by doing the following:

  • Advising when your travel documents will arrive and what will be included
  • Confirming your delivery address for your travel documents

Of course, your At-Your-Service Personal Concierge is at your disposal for anything you require at any point.

Your Roadtrips host will also be in touch approximately one week prior to departure, to introduce themselves and to answer any questions.

When you arrive in Rio…

We’ll be there to take care of you from the moment you arrive in Rio. A Roadtrips representative will meet you outside of baggage claim and get you to your waiting hotel transfer. When you arrive at the hotel, your Roadtrips host will be waiting for you in the lobby. One of the things that sets Roadtrips above the rest is our talented host team. Our experienced travel hosts will do everything they can to make for an extraordinary, stress-free experience. Your host will be accessible 24/7 throughout your stay and will be present throughout your trip, to:

  • Meet you upon arrival and assist with hotel check in
  • Review your itinerary, answer any questions, and assist with booking last minute tours or additional events
  • Provide reminder calls for any tours, restaurant reservations and/or transfers
  • Advise the best way to get to and from events each day
  • Assist with transfers, directing you to your vehicle (if included)
  • See you off upon departure

You will be welcomed to your hotel room with a special gift from us, and have access to our exclusive Hospitality Terrace at the Bar dos Descasados in the Hotel Santa Teresa. The Bar dos Descasados offers amazing views of Rio de Janeiro and is a great spot to meet other Roadtrips guests and hosts, and enjoy a drink and some gourmet food. Of course we’ll have the Summer Games on multiple televisions as well so you don’t need to miss any of the action.

Upon your return…

Your Personal Concierge will contact you via email the week you return home to inquire about your trip and to invite you to participate in our short online survey. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our travel experiences and your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

Start planning your trip today.

Call a Sports Travel Specialist at 1-800-465-1765 or

Roadtrips did fantastic setting up a great week in Rio for my father and I. Without them, logistically, the trip would have been beyond difficult. Very excited to use Roadtrips again in two years at the World Cup.
— R. Andres Lucas, 2016 Summer Games