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Roadtrips is a luxury hospitality, travel, and event services specialist. We’re the experts at hosting corporate groups for hospitality or incentives at major international sporting events. Take advantage of our experience and expertise. Let us work with you to help you build relationships with the people who are key to your success by creating the perfect group experience. Contact one of our sports travel group specialists at 1-800-465-1765.

Roadtrips has helped dozens of companies meet their business objectives. We’ll help you attract key attendees through creatively designed and compelling events that the people who drive your success are eager to attend. At Roadtrips we not only manage event logistics, we also create brand experiences that deliver priceless face-to-face interaction. Our passions include top quality hotels and resorts, fine food and wine, seamless event logistics, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences delivered with exemplary hospitality and service.

Highly Experienced. Global. Trusted.

Twenty years of experience on six continents means that we have a proven track record and are uniquely positioned to assist. From New York to Beijing, from Johannesburg to London and on to Rio de Janeiro, Roadtrips can provide you with a comprehensive destination management solution tailored specifically for you. Whether you need a complete turnkey event or one day consulting to distill your optimal direction, we will bring our best to your challenge.

Careful Management Ensures an Excellent Return on Investment

Taking advantage of our expertise and experience can create the perfect event to advance your organization’s goals. We will also save you time, money, and staff frustration by handling the details… it’s what we do. From up-front programming to pre-travel communications to complete on-site delivery, Roadtrips can be your trusted advisor and implementation specialist. The Roadtrips Team brings a personalized and caring approach, flavored with our own unique creative flair and style, to each program. Our goal is that each of our client events creates lifetime memories and highly prized shared moments for both your organization and your guests.

Full Suite of Event Services

With 20 years of managing logistics and creating top quality events, Roadtrips has the experience, passion and expertise to make your event experience a complete success. It all starts with us listening to your exact program wants and needs, providing you insight and expertise specific to your situation and then working together to custom fit your program and services so that they are perfect for you. Your program will include all planning and administration by our friendly, professional and experienced team. Our commitment to you is to be responsive, caring and to provide you with great value and return on your investment.

Our Pedigree

Along with our many years of experience, Roadtrips collaborates with other industry professionals and has staff members who are active members of various professional associations including Meeting Professionals International, the Incentive Management Association and the Society of Incentive Travel Executives. Roadtrips has also been recognized as the preferred or exclusive supplier to a number of the world’s leading travel planner consortia including the American Express Platinum Destination Vacations Program. Being selected and approved by these strategic buying groups is proof of our solid reputation and our company commitment to customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

In today’s competitive business environment, the people and relationships that make you a success are your most valuable asset. To ensure long term success, companies are increasingly using unique and exclusive travel to build key relationships, invest in top performers, and generate specific results.

Applications and Sample Programs

An unforgettable Exclusive Group Experience program can grow your businesses through:

  • Engaging key Value Added Resellers
  • Building relationships with key clients
  • Rewarding top performers and President Circle level employees
  • Incenting sales force and dealer/distributor networks
  • Creating Casino programs for high rollers
  • Retaining and rewarding large clients or acquiring key accounts through corporate hospitality
  • Attracting highest level executives for round table discussions

At Roadtrips Exclusive Group Experiences, we work with you to create customized programs to some of the world’s most exclusive events and desired experiences. Here are a few examples of specific group experiences our clients have used to motivate and reward the people and companies that generate results and ensure their long term success:

Ultimate World Cup Corporate Hospitality Experience

The World Cup is the single biggest sporting event in the world, and almost unrivaled in terms of passion and excitement. And few destinations have been more anticipated than Brazil, a country that loves its soccer and knows how to deliver an incredible event. For companies looking to build relationships with their very best clients, the Ultimate World Cup Corporate Hospitality Experience, based in Rio, provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience both this incredible event, and one of the globe’s most desired destinations. Download PDF

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII in New York City

The Super Bowl has become the biggest media and sporting spectacle in the US, with more viewers, more parties, and more excitement than any other event on the annual sporting calendar. And nothing beats being there, experiencing the excitement first hand. Experience the biggest game of the year at Super Bowl XLVIII in one of the most exciting cities in the world – New York! Anyone can watch the big game on TV, but nothing compares to being a part of the excitement.Download PDF

AAA 9th Annual Chairman’s Cruise With A Special London Experience

AAA contracted Roadtrips to supply the three-night pre-cruise stay at the Four Seasons Hampshire, an elegant Georgian manor house with ultra-modern comforts surrounded by acres of rolling countryside and heritage-listed gardens. The Opening Night Gala Dinner took place at the historic Highclere Castle. For two days, the group headed into London to see the exciting Track and Field competitions and the Rhythmic Gymnastics. The last night ashore included a dinner with stunning views of Windsor Castle over the Thames and an evening of entertainment at the Theatre Royal. Download PDF

Italian Grand Prix Experience

Roadtrips was pleased to welcome a corporate group to the exclusive Italian Grand Prix and to experience the best Italy has to offer. The group participated in a behind-the-scenes experience that brought together the excitement and drama of this great sport with all the best of Italian food and culture, at one of the most iconic events of the Grand Prix circuit. Download PDF

Monaco Grand Prix Experience

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the world’s greatest and most challenging motor races as well as one of the most exotic and recognized events in all of sport. As the last remaining street course on the Formula One calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix carries on the best history and tradition of this spectacular sport. The Monaco Grand Prix is staged around the narrow, winding streets of Monte Carlo. The main attraction of the Monaco Grand Prix is the proximity of the speeding Formula One cars to the race spectators. The twisting 77-lap circuit offers incalculable opportunities for spectators to witness the thrill of screaming engines, smoking tires and the genius of the drivers over the 263-kilometre race on a course that allows no margin for error. Download PDF

2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

The 2010 Winter Games was much more than just athletes and spectators from around the world gathering in Vancouver (and the picturesque alpine resort of Whistler) for competition. The stunning beauty of Canada’s west coast, combined with world-class luxury hotels, eclectic dining, and thousands of other entertainment options made Vancouver a gold-medal worthy destination. We offered a variety of professionally-hosted travel programs to the most exciting must-see events and attractions. Download the PDF for an example of one of the many custom corporate programs that we provided. Download PDF

2010 World Cup Corporate Retreat in South Africa

The World Cup Final is truly the pinnacle of global sporting events. Combine the World Cup with the rugged beauty and unique experiences offered in South Africa, the result was a perfect opportunity to create a truly wonderful and memorable Corporate Hospitality Experience. Roadtrips takes great pride in offering special opportunities for you to host your most valuable clients and partners and a private luxury retreat at the Grand Finale of the 2010 World Cup was no exception. The Forum Homini, a five-star boutique hotel located in a private game reserve, provided the perfect setting to create an unmatched World Cup corporate experience. Download PDF

Porsche Black Forest Driving Experience

Imagine the thrill of driving one of the world’s most exciting sports cars on roads that were seemingly built to showcase the car’s power and performance. On this Porsche Black Forest Driving Experience, you will experience more in just a couple of days than you would have thought possible while driving your Porsche 911. We will show you some of the most enjoyable and picturesque roads, from open country and winding mountain tracks, to fast paced highway touring through Germany’s beautiful Black Forest region. It is truly an unforgettable driving experience – a feast for the senses including unforgettable settings, deluxe accommodations, amazing food, and the ultimate driving machine. Download PDF

The Ferraris in Tuscany Experience

Imagine spectacular spring days, the scent of olives in the breeze, pencil thin cypress trees on rolling hills. Imagine watching a sunset with some the world’s most celebrated food and wine over the rooftop of an Italian medieval town. Imagine driving on winding roads through hilltop villages in Tuscany…behind the wheel of a Ferrari! This truly unique and coveted experience can be yours. Breathtaking scenery, wonderful food, the most luxurious of accommodations, and you behind the wheel of one of the most exotic and recognized cars in the world… Tuscany and Ferrari, it is a match made in heaven. Download PDF

VIP Chelsea vs Manchester United in London Experience

The two biggest names in the English Premier League battling in one of the biggest games of the year. Manchester United, the world’s most recognized and valuable franchise takes on Chelsea, a club that has become the class of the Premiership. This London Experience includes many of the attractions that makes London one of top destinations in the world. From 5 Star accommodations, to top theatre in London’s famous West End, to world renowned dining and some of London’s most recognized tourist sites – experience the very best this great city has to offer. Download PDF

We invite you to call us at 1-800-465-1765 to see what specific custom travel programs could work to help you achieve your business goals.

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