This year we had one of our best trips to Wimbledon ever, and we got fantastic feedback from our guests about how great the experience was. We asked our fabulous host Sam Buffie to tell us why this year was so good, and what it is that makes this such a fun sporting event to attend.

Our fantastic host Sam Buffie at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, where Wimbledon is held.

Our fantastic host Sam Buffie at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, where Wimbledon is held.

So Sam, what is it that makes Wimbledon so special? 

Wimbledon always seems like it is such an exclusive event, I think in part because it is held at such a small venue. It feels like an intimate venue, because there’s only seating for 14,000 so really no matter where you are sat you can see exactly what’s going on. This includes being able to see into the Royal Box. You can actually look over and see which members of the royal family are there, which is pretty cool.

Plus, it is such an iconic event and so quintessentially British, and there are all those things that come with it, such as having strawberries and cream there, and visiting the champagne bar or having Pimm’s and lemonade.

What is the atmosphere like at the event?

Wimbledon is super laid-back and friendly. It isn’t super dressy – people are dressed smartly but it isn’t over the top. The grounds there are just so beautiful and well maintained that it is a pleasure to just be there. Even in the court, people chat with their neighbours, which makes for a really sweet experience.

Was the tennis especially fantastic this year?

Oh yes, it really was. To be able to see Andy Murray and Roger Federer play was really cool. Just to be able to get tickets alone to that match makes the experience we were able to offer our guests so unique.

When guests are staying in London for Wimbledon, are they close to lots of other major attractions?

Absolutely. There are so many iconic sights in London. A few of our guests’ favourites are Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Tower of London and the London Eye. And of course keeping an eye out for royals at Buckingham or Kensington Palace. Many clients enjoy taking in a stadium tour as well – such as Wembley or Arsenal. The tube makes it easy to get around but some visitors prefer to have a private vehicle. London is just a fantastic city with world renowned attractions and activities.

What reactions do you commonly get from guests that we take to Wimbledon? 

The most frequent comment we hear from our clients is that Wimbledon was always one of the top sporting events they wanted to attend – it was their bucket list trip and did not disappoint. I think the atmosphere of Centre Court is very unique, and knowing that it is a favourite event for the players makes it even more special. We’ve received very positive feedback about the organization and detail put into their trips too. Being a spectator at Wimbledon is a one of a kind experience, and very special indeed.


Is Wimbledon on your bucket list? Come with us in 2016. We’ll arrange everything for you and make sure that you have the trip of a lifetime to this iconic event. Contact us to get the ball rolling, and we’ll start planning the perfect trip for you. 



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