brazil_world_cup_experienceIt kind of goes without saying that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is going to be one of the biggest spectacles of the year.  There will be parties, people, costumes, energy and, of course, soccer.  It’s probably safe to say that there will be many more people who want to be there than there are available spots.  Luckily, if you’re one of the ones who can’t imagine being anywhere else, Roadtrips can offer a private World Cup experience that is really like no other.

With Roadtrips you always have options.  No World Cup experience would be complete without being able to select tickets to specific matches around the country so you can cheer on your favorite team.  Using Rio de Janeiro as your home base, you can branch out for a day trip to the city of your choice for an exciting match.

Private Transportation

A private World Cup experience also means private transportation from the airport to the hotel and for selected excursions during your stay.  Enjoying the luxury of private transportation is one way to combat the massive crowds that are expected to be in Rio and other parts of the Brazil for the World Cup.

Exciting Extras

One of the big advantages of a private World Cup experience with Roadtrips is the ability to add extras to the package to suit your specific tastes.  Some of the possible World Cup extras include special dinner reservations, city tours, your choice of private transfer, extra nights in Brazil, private guides and custom adventures around South America.

Some of these excursions include a trip up Corcovado Mountain to visit the Christ the Redeemer statue, a half day Sugar Loaf tour, half day Guanabara Bay cruise and a half day Colonial Rio tour.  If budget and time permit, there are also more involved outings available, such as the Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls Argentina Excursion, Amazon River Cruise Peru Excursion, Machu Picchu Peru Excursion, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Cruise Experience and the Luxury Charter Amazon River and Rainforest Experience.

No one is going to argue that getting to the World Cup at all is quite a feat.  Just to be able to say you were there is more than most can ever do.  But if you really want a World Cup experience to remember, contact Roadtrips today to go over your options.

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