With the Summer Games fast approaching, here at Roadtrips Rio is on our minds pretty much all the time. Not only are we excited about the Summer Games because the world’s best athletes will be there representing their home countries, though of course that would be reason enough, but we are excited for many, many more reasons that that.

We love Rio. We had an incredible time there at the World Cup in 2014, and have been visiting lots since then in order to prepare to take our guests to the Summer Games with us. Every time we visit the Marvelous City, as Rio is often referred to, we discover new things and come back even more energized to take people there.

Here are eight reasons why we love Rio:

  • The Beaches. Whether you want to lay on the golden sands and dip your toes in the surf, ride the waves, or just people watch on famous Ipanema Beach, Rio does not disappoint. The beaches each have their own culture, and exploring that is a lot of fun.
  • The Restaurants. Rio has some superb places to eat, offering up all kinds of cuisine from traditional Brazilian to contemporary twists on international cuisines. Plus, there’s always somewhere fabulous and new to discover, such as the wonderful Formidable Bistro where Roadtrips President Dave Guenthur ate last week. “It’s a classic French bistro in a leafy street in Leblon,” says Guenthur, “You could very easily mistake the spot, and the food, for Paris.”
  • Cultural Attractions. In the past few years there have been some truly excellent additions to Rio’s cultural scene, including the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow in English), which is a breathtaking example of modern architecture at Pier Maua.
  • The Music. Samba music is an important part of the city’s culture, and if you’re lucky enough to have experienced Carnival in Rio (or have at least seen it on the TV) you’ll know just how important it is. It is easy to take in a samba show, or hear musicians play samba while you’re in the city.
  • The Natural Beauty. Surrounded by parks and mountains, getting out into nature when you’re staying in Rio is a breeze, and we love the easy access to great hiking that the city offers.
  • Recreational Activities. We’ve helped guests to learn to surf in Rio, taken them stand-up paddle-boarding in lagoons, arranged soccer lessons on the beach, and joined in with a few beach volleyball games too. If you’re the athletic type, there are lots of ways to express that whilst visiting Rio.
  • Shopping. If you love to buy interesting souvenirs on your travels, then Rio won’t disappoint. From Havaiana flip-flops in every hue to teeny-tiny bikinis and beach fashions (because Rio is THE home of fashionable beach wear) to works of art and gemstone jewelry, there’s plenty to shop for in this city.
  • The history. Rio has a rich past and you’ll find museums and boutique hotels in old plantation houses, as well as a rambling tram that takes people to the historic Santa Teresa neighborhood. There are very old churches and monasteries to admire too.

Are you ready to book your dream Summer Games trip and start exploring Rio? We’d love to take you there, and show you the city we love. Contact us to start planning your Summer Games experience.


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