If you’ve been watching the build up to the Summer Games and wishing you’d planned a trip to Rio to watch the action first hand, don’t worry, it’s not too late. We can still get you to the Summer Games in style.

There is no visa required for Americans to enter Brazil for the Summer Games, and we can take care of every detail of your trip. We can get you to all the events you want to see, have rooms at the finest Rio hotels, and take care of your personalized itinerary so that you get to enjoy the very best of Rio.

Roadtrips specializes in providing absolutely top-notch packages. We can provide you with the details that other providers cannot, better quality accommodations, access to the events you want, and even if you’re the kind of person who requires VIP transportation or access to private security, we can do this. Many of our guests have specific needs, and we make those things happen for them time and time again.

Roadtrips has many repeat clients because once people travel with us, they know and trust that we provide the absolute best experiences every time, at every event.

Our other advantage is that we use fun and knowledgeable local hosts to create an authentic travel experience for our guests. You’ll be taken care of by people who know and love Rio, who can show you the city’s vibrant heart and romantic soul. Check out interviews with our hosts in earlier blog posts (or by clicking here). This elevates your trip from a sports travel experience to a dream trip that you’ll never get over. Many of our guests from the World Cup in 2014 will be coming back to Rio with us for the Summer Games because they had such an incredible time. Our whole team is beyond excited to head back to Rio, we had a blast there two years ago.

We organize these perfect experiences from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about anything. Reach out now by calling 1-800-465-1765, emailing us, or by requesting a custom trip quote.

Let us create the Summer Games experience of a lifetime for you and your family.


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