The NHL Heritage Classic represents the Canadian counterpart of the American NHL Winter Classic series of outdoor hockey games. It is a series of outdoor matches played between two Canadian hockey teams, members of the National Hockey League (NHL). The 2014 NHL Heritage Classic will be held at BC Place, Vancouver, British Columbia and will be a heated match-up between the home team, the Vancouver Canucks, and the away team represented by the Ottawa Senators.

nhl-heritage-classicThe first NHL Heritage Classic was held on November 22, 2003 at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta. 2014 will see some of the NHL’s favorite hockey rivals face off at BC Place. This stadium went through a major renovation and reconfiguration three years ago and has become the world’s largest cable-supported retractable roof stadium. First built in 1983, the original Stadium has played host to several major sporting events, including events at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and 2010 Winter Paralympics.

The 2014 NHL Heritage Classic will also be the first “outdoor” game to be played in what is technically an indoor stadium. Traditionally, the NHL Heritage Classic is a series of outdoor games, but BC Place provides protection from the elements with its retractable roof. The stadium also boasts a larger capacity than a typical NHL arena. This means that more fans can enjoy this spectacular event that only happens once a year.

The faceoff between the Vancouver Canucks and the Ottawa Senators at the 2014 NHL Heritage Classic is a wonderful opportunity to watch your favorite hockey rivals putting forth their best efforts to put on a great show for their fans. While you’re visiting Vancouver, make sure you take advantage of this tourist-friendly city. With a mild climate, beautiful natural scenery and great entertainment and dining options, you can make your Heritage Classic a trip to remember.

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