Video: World Cup in 2014 – Brazil Luxury Sports Travel Experience

Roadtrips is pleased to bring you World Cup 2014 Travel Packages! Experience beautiful Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and cheer on your favourite team at your chosen matches. We will create a custom package tailored to your desires.
Create your own World Cup experience by contacting one of our travel specialists at 1-800-465-1765 or submit a Custom Trip Quote.

My personal experience with Brian and Kate has been nothing but excellent. They were patient with all of the questions from both myself and the client and always had a positive attitude. My clients came back and had actually met with Kate on site. They were both impressed by her and also by Roadtrips in general. I know he is raving about all of you to his friends. He is already talking 2018 World Cup!
— Jody Piotter, 2014 World Cup