Baseball may be America’s official past time, but football is certainly not an unpopular sport with the American population.  In fact, depending on who you ask and which numbers they’re looking at, many people would argue that NFL has officially taken over as America’s unofficial favorite past time.

While most of the country will be shivering and trying to dig out of the frigid temperatures that accompany that month that we call February, you could be sitting in a set of premier seats checking out the Super Bowl in Arizona while you enjoy the warm weather that Glendale is known to offer visitors that time of year.

Of course, this is arguably the biggest game of the year for many American sports spectators.  Even your friends that don’t give a lick about sports of any sorts will more than likely be posted up in front of a TV on Sunday, February 2, 2015.  In other words, you have plenty of people to make jealous, and we are more than happy to help you out by increasing your friends’ jealousy factor three-fold!

If you want to maximize your weekend when you go to the Super Bowl in Arizona, here are some things to think about adding to your trip:

  • Tickets to the Phoenix Open.  You’re already planning on seeing some of the most impressive athletes that can fit onto a 100-yard field, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there.  Sometimes, when worlds collide just right, you have the opportunity to make the very most out of a weekend away.  It just so happens that the weekend you’ll be heading out West to see the Super Bowl in Arizona, the state will be hosting another set of awesome athletes, as well.

    The Phoenix Open, also dubbed “The Greatest Show on Grass”, will be taking to the tees at TPC Scottsdale starting on Wednesday, January 28th.  The pros golfing on the greens when Round One of the tournament kicks off on Thursday, January 29th.  This means that you can stuff your weekend full of championship activities from birdies to pigskins.

  • Tee Times for Yourself.  After checking out the pros for a day or two, you might want to try your own hand at one of the stunning golf courses that are offered around Glendale.  Arizona’s climate makes it an ideal place for many beautiful greens, and you can secure your tee time at many of the area’s four- and five-star courses.
  • Super Bowl Parties & Exclusive Events.  You’re going to spend a few days in front of fields and sitting with huge fans.  Why not rub elbows with some of the folks that you might otherwise not have the opportunity to hang out with?  The entire state of Arizona will be teeming with celebrities, athletes, and those who live to see-and-be-seen.  Our custom package options also provide you with the possibility to find your way into some exclusive events.  Take some time to hang out at the ESPN Super Bowl Party the night before the big game.

If you can’t wait for the Super Bowl in Arizona, our travel packages have your name all over them!  Nothing can compare to tailgating at University of Phoenix Stadium and being right there for all of the action.  It’s hard to think that it could get even better than catching the Super Bowl live, but when you check out the Phoenix Open, too, you’ll have a weekend that can’t be topped!

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