When you’re planning that trip of a lifetime to a major sporting event, you want to make sure that your trip is perfect, and goes to plan. Organizing such a trip is a major undertaking and one that Roadtrips does exceptionally well. Here are 6 reasons why traveling with us gives the absolute best sports travel experiences:

1) We create an experience, it is about more than just tickets, hotels and flights. We create a customized itinerary for our guests that takes into account your interests, needs, and what is truly important to you and whomever you are traveling with. Whether you want to combine that trip to Wimbledon with theatre in London’s West End, a personal shopping experience at Harrods, or tea at the Ritz, we can build those things into your itinerary and have our guides escort you everywhere that you want to go.

2) Roadtrips offers unique VIP add-ons. By working closely with local organizers and guides, we’re able to build special stuff into every trip that you simply couldn’t do if you were booking solo. Whether that be a police escort to the Indy 500 that whips you past the traffic to the event, private parties with royalty in Monaco after watching the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, or soccer lessons for your kids on Copacabana Beach with one of Rio’s best teams, we create extraordinary experiences that elevate every trip.

3) We know luxury. Whatever city we are in, we specialize in showing guests the very best there is to see and do there. We love fabulous restaurants, beautiful hotels, and one-of-a-kind high-end experiences. We set up high-end hospitality lounges at many events, or bring our guests to those already incorporated into events.

4) We pick the best hotels for our guests. Working with your budget and individual needs, Roadtrips books the best hotels for every individual, family, or group that books with us. We know that star ratings and reviews don’t always tell the full story, so we carefully look at each property we use to ensure that they offer excellent service, great value, amazing amenities, and convenient location.

5) We’ll get you the best possible seats. Because of the connections that Roadtrips has with organizations and destinations, we are able to offer preferred seating and unique VIP access at sports events. This isn’t something that it is easy to do if you’re trying to book as an individual or a non-specialist travel agent. All we do is sports travel, and because we live and breathe it, we offer the best sports travel experiences available anywhere.

6) We’re there for you at every step. From the minute you call us to book your trip until you’re back from it, Roadtrips attentive and responsive staff is on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly, and help you with any issues or requests that come up throughout your trip. The Roadtrips team loves what they do, and everyone we work with is just as passionate about sports travel as we are.

Ready to have the most incredible sports trip of your life? Check out the epic events in our line-up and decide which one would be your dream sports trip. 

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