Think of how excited you get when your favorite sporting event or the big game is going to be on TV.  You adjust your schedule, plan your meals around it and do everything else to try and make it as memorable as possible.  Now, imagine if you were going to attend that same game or event in person.  It might be the World Cup of Soccer, the Super Bowl, the World Series, PGA golf tournaments, Formula 1 races or anything in between.

Whatever sports ticket you’re interested in, Roadtrips has what you need, and then some!

Custom Arrangements

The last thing you want when you are shelling out decent money is a cookie-cutter kind of experience that’s the same for everyone who signs up.  When you book your trip with Roadtrips, you get to create a custom travel experience from the ground up.  Your sporting event of choice will always be front and center, but from there you’ll have the option of adding different pieces to make the experience your own.  This might include accommodations, travel around town, day trips or excursions or memorable food experiences.

One-of-a-Kind Access

There’s a big difference between “getting a seat” and having access to preferred seating that is sold out and has been for some time.  When you book with Roadtrips, you’ll have access to great seating and other features that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  Not only will you have a perfect view of the game, you’ll have an exciting story to tell for months or even years to come.

Much More Than Just a Game

Every city and every location has attractions and amenities that stretch beyond just the event that is taking place.  In some cases such as the Olympics or Super Bowl, the location may have been chosen for that very reason.

As part of your Roadtrips package, you’ll be able to explore these amenities and attractions and expand the experience to much more than just a game.  With some packages, you may even be able to stay at the same hotel as the players or attend special surprise parties and receptions.  You may even see a celebrity make an appearance from time to time.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and the price of any package is an incredible value compared to everything you get.  When it comes to booking a true sports getaway, you might as well go with the best.  Contact Roadtrips today for a quote on your custom travel experience.

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