On today’s blog we’d like to introduce you to another of the fantastic local hosts that will be working with us throughout the Summer Games in Rio. As anyone who has traveled with us before already knows, the people that support our guests at events are there to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to ensure that everyone has a blast. We love our hosts, and we are excited to have the lovely Victoria Farina joining our Rio team this year.

VictoriaVictoria is passionate about travel, and loves showing her beautiful home country off to visitors. She has held a number of travel related jobs in the past few years, starting with one where she worked as a tour guide for soccer players to-be in Europe. Victoria worked onboard a cruise ship for several years, where she picked up Italian, English and Spanish. When she isn’t helping Roadtrips out, Victoria works with an event agency in Brazil and has a travel blog where she shares her travel tips.

We asked Victoria, who is often called salsicha by Brazilians (which translates as sausage) because of her red hair, to tell us a little about why she loves Rio and considers herself a Carioca at heart (the name that locals of Rio have given themselves) rather than a Paulista (the name that those from São Paulo, where she is originally from, refer to themselves by).

So Victoria, what is your absolute favorite thing to do in Rio?

I love the view from Pedra Bonita. I could stay there for hours just looking at it. It is an amazing hike, not very hard, but so breathtaking.

And what is it about Rio that you most like to share with visitors?

My favorite thing in Rio is the landscape. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can just look around and see something beautiful. Between the buildings there is always a beautiful mountain or a nice beach. That is amazing. I would love for visitors to feel Rio’s vibe and to imagine how it is to be a Brazilian.

What is your favorite restaurant in Rio?

My favorite restaurant in Rio is in Leblon in the Marina Bay Hotel. The food is very typical Rio cuisine and gourmet, but the view is what makes the place special. I can drink a very good caipirinha and watch the sunset at the same timviewe.

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