Here at Roadtrips, we pride ourselves on having the very best people work with us as hosts at our sporting events, and we just know that our Rio guests are going to love having Carol Mello help them out.

carroJust back from a year of study in Germany, Carol also speaks French, and dances ballet. She is a wonderfully bubbly and fun person, and has worked as a venue supervisor and host for previous sporting events. We asked Carol to tell us about what she loves about Rio.

So Carol, what do you love to do in Rio?

I love to go out dancing to traditional Brazilian rhythms, my favorite is forró. I used to dance every Tuesday in Lapa. There is another side of this city that I really love, nature. As a Biology student and lover, I like to go for walks in the forest, take a shower in a waterfall and relax hearing the sounds of nature. My favorite place to explore is Horto (Jardim Botânico) and finally, as I live near the beach, every time that I have a moment, I try to go soak up the sun.

What side of the city do you love to show visitors?

The thing I like and will share with visitors is the authenticity of Rio de Janeiro when they are here for the 2016 Summer Games. There is no other metropolis in the world where you can find so many big buildings and nature at the same time. Our people are really warm and ready to make new friends. Once you get here, you can be sure you are going to make good friends that will be excited to show all the good sides of this wonderful city.

Where do you love to eat here?

My favorite restaurant in Rio is Aconchego Carioca. The service is really nice and the owner is always there, taking care of everything and making sure all the clients are satisfied. They have nice beers and the food is typically Brazilian. When I lived in Germany for one year, I suffered a lot because I missed their bolinho de feijoda (typical food with black beans and meat, served in a ball shape). It is located in Leblon and is a very nice place to head for happy hour.

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