When you first meet Bruno Miguel, you can’t help but notice how happy the guy is, and we know that our Summer Games guests are going to love hanging out with him as much as we have. Bruno is from São Paulo but is very familiar with Rio from working on cruise ships that took guests to the city each month. Here’s what super friendly Bruno had to say about what he loves in and about the marvellous city:

What is your absolute favorite thing to do in Rio?

While everything there is to do in Rio is great, what I love most is the access to nature that visitors have in the city. You have the chance to see the city from many different angles and viewpoints, each of them unique. If you go cycling or jogging then you really get to experience this, and I love doing these activities first thing in the morning or at dusk.

What is the thing about Rio that you most like to share with visitors?

The panoramic view of Rio is amazing. When I worked on the cruise ship, I used to show visitors the great landscapes seen from the cruise. Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer and all those places that everybody visits are different when seen from offshore. A nice place to show them from the land is the view from Dona Marta viewpoint or a place called Chinese View, which is a wonderful location for watching the sunset.

When special events are happening in the city, I love to show visitors the atmosphere we have in Brazil, whether in Lapa (a neighborhood in Rio known for its rich history and vibrant nightlife) or a typical fair in São Cristóvão (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). This atmosphere will of course be there for the Summer Games.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Rio?

I like Terra Brasilis, which is in Praia Vermelha and looks out over Sugarloaf Mountain. It serves typical Brazilian food, and both the food and views are incredible.

Bruno faves

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