While there is more than enough to keep anyone entertained in Rio itself for weeks and weeks while there for the Summer Games, we offer a number of additional experiences for our guests.

We’re excited to take our Summer Games guests to beautiful places outside of the city so that they can go home having seen more of wonderful Brazil. One of these excursions is to Armação dos Búzios, often referred to simply as Búzios, a pretty and upscale beach resort to the east of Rio.

Búzios was a sleepy fishing village that first started attracting Brazil’s wealthy socialites in the 1950s. Attracted by the stunning beaches and rustic charm, Búzios was a hidden paradise, accessible only by dirt roads at that point, where they could truly relax. In 1964, Brigitte Bardot visited Búzios with her Brazilian boyfriend of the time and the secret was out, suddenly Búzios was seen as the most exclusive beach destination in Brazil.

Bardot’s presence in Búzios changed everything, and her visit was soon followed by Mick Jagger and other iconic people (there are photographs of Jagger playing guitar on the beach to local teenagers and fishermen). There’s a movie theatre and street named after Bardot in Búzios, and on the promenade a statue of her sitting wearing the same simple jeans and striped tank-top that she was photographed in on that first visit.


Buzio montag1



These days many of the quaint fisherman’s cottages have been turned into boutiques, luxurious small hotels, sophisticated cafés or rustic restaurants. City ordinances set in the 1970s ensured that no tall buildings were ever constructed in Búzios, meaning that although this is a very popular tourist destination, the village has retained the charm that attracted people here in the first place.

Homes, businesses, and churches are whitewashed and constructed with natural materials that hark back to simpler times, and are a treat to the eyes. Modern buildings have kept with this rustic style. There are however paved roads, so you won’t be getting your limo stuck on the way there (as apparently Jagger did way back in the 70s).

This isn’t to say that Búzios lacks for things to do though. The old town is lovely to explore, there are boat-trips to take, wonderful restaurants that offer fantastic food and panoramic views out over the peninsula that Búzios sits on, nightclubs and bars, spectacular diving, and many other watersports opportunities. There are more than a dozen beaches to enjoy, each one prettier than the last. Búzios is a very special place, and one we love showing off to our guests.

As part of our excursion to Búzios, we’ll be staying at the beautiful Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel and Spa, which offers exquisite views out over the beach and ocean, and luxurious rooms and suites. You can lose yourself in this beautiful place, and slip completely into a deep state of relaxation that will make it hard to want to ever leave.

Buzios hotel

This is just one of the many excursions we’ll be offering our Summer Games guests when we take them to Rio. We’re also taking guests to explore Iguaçu National Park, home of the world famous Iguazu Falls, to Machu Picchu in Peru, an Amazon Jungle Lodge Excursion, and various other trips. Contact us to start arranging your dream trip to the Summer Games, and whatever additional excursions that would make this a trip of a lifetime for you and your family.


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