For winter sports enthusiasts, attending the Winter Games at some point in your life has to be top of the bucket list. The Winter Games have taken sports fans to some fantastic destinations over the years, most recently Sochi in 2014, and Vancouver in 2010. The next Games will take us to South Korea, and we are super excited.

This event is set to show us a completely different culture that we’re keen to find out more about, and should prove to be a very interesting setting for the 2018 Winter Games.

South Korea has Snow? I think it is fair to say that before the announcement of the games going to South Korea, most of us had no idea that there was snow in South Korea, let alone an infrastructure to support a sporting event of this magnitude.

South Korea does in fact have snow, and plenty of ski resorts. PyeongChang, the host city for the 2018 Winter Games, is known as the Alps of South Korea, and has several excellent resorts where the Games will happen.

One of the resorts, Yongpyong (also referred to by its awesome nickname Dragon Valley), is popular with skiers and snowboarders because of the size of the mountain (1500 meters, with 31 slopes of varying difficulty). Phoenix Park and Alpensia are other nearby resorts, and also attract international visitors due to the great conditions and facilities that they offer.

Non-Alpine events such as ice hockey, curling, figure skating, speed skating etc. will be happening in the spectacularly beautiful coastal city of Gangneung. We’re securing some fabulous luxury hotels there, and what’s especially great is that it is only 30 minutes between all of the venues, making this the most compact set of venues in Winter Games history.

Authenticity Everywhere. When you speak with people who’ve traveled to South Korea, one common experience that they’ll share is that the locals are very welcoming, and love showing visitors their culture. Everything is so different in South Korea, and people can at first seem restrained but are passionate about the things that they enjoy, which makes for some interesting experiences.

This is a country that celebrates often, it seems like there’s always a festival going on or some other awesome event happening. We know that when it comes to the opening ceremonies and celebrations around the Games, South Korea will not disappoint.

South Korea has so much tradition and history to explore, from Buddhist temples and traditional wooden houses to stunning vistas, but also has modern cities and new infrastructure. The country is well equipped to handle the Games.

And of course then there’s the food. Korean food has to be one of the most exciting cuisines in the world, and one that Anthony Bourdain says top chefs everywhere are obsessed with. You’ll be able to sample as much of this as your heart desires, seeking out the familiar dishes you’ve grown to love at restaurants in your home country, but also having your mind blown by amazing stuff you’ve neither heard of nor contemplated trying.

Ready to experience this fascinating country and all that the 2018 Winter Games offers? We can get you there and build an itinerary that shows you the very best of everything in PyeongChang. Contact us to start planning the trip of a lifetime.


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