Here we are one year away from the Summer Games. In just 365 days we will get to take guests to Rio for the absolute biggest sporting event in the world. Yes, we are excited. Not only do we get to watch the world’s greatest athletes compete in this most special of situations, where they represent their home countries, but also we get to return to one of our favourite cities in the world. We had an amazing time at the World Cup last year, and fell head over heels for Rio – as did all the guests that accompanied us on that trip.

Every day the news discusses how more athletes have qualified, and their excitement about the upcoming games. The recent Pan-American games, held in Toronto, served as a direct qualifier for ten sports featured in the games (aquatic sports, table tennis, several equestrian sports, shooting, and sailing are among these). If you’re wondering how ready Rio is to host the games, it seems that things are on track. Check out this neat video showing how construction of the venues is going, and what they will look like when finished. Rio is getting ready, but what about you?

If you are considering attending the Summer Games next year, then you’ll need to think very seriously about getting your trip booked. At the last Summer Games in London there wasn’t as much of a necessity to get organized this far in advance because London has lots of top quality accommodations and was well set up to accommodate the influx of visitors that this type of event brings (London hosts lots of world class sporting events on a regular basis). In Rio this simply isn’t the case. There’s a lot less luxury hotel space in Rio, and it is going to book up fast. Leave it too late, and your choices are going to be limited.

Roadtrips has secured accommodations at some of the city’s very best and most luxurious properties for our guests, as well as booking out several family villas, and more budget friendly (though still excellent quality) hotels for the duration of the games. At this point, we have already allotted some of those rooms to groups, and anticipate bookings speeding up considerably in the next few months. If you have specific sporting events that you want to be in Rio for, then moving fast is the only way to guarantee you’ll have good quality accommodations in the city for the dates those events will be held on.

So what should you do if you are ready to book? Work out what events and what dates you want, then get in touch to discuss how we can meet your needs and create the type of bucket-list worthy trip that you’ll never forget. We’ve posted a basic schedule on this page for our guests to refer to, under the Schedules tab, but if you call one of our Sports Travel Specialists on 1-800-465-1765 they’ll be able to go into more detail with you as we have information on event locations etc as well as dates.

We’re excited to get to Rio, and hope you’ll consider letting us take you there so that we can show you the very best of this fascinating and exciting city.

(Pictured below are some of the beautiful accommodations in Rio that we have secured for our guests.)

rio accoms (1)

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